By bellabreeze - 09/08/2012 03:29 - United States - Lebanon

Today, my son thought it would be a great idea to spray a whole can of spray tan all over my freshly-painted white bathroom walls as an "experiment". He's 18. FML
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You now live in the Jersey Shore, or at least from the inside of the house.

Maybe he should have to paint the room while you spray paint his room bright pink as a punishment ;)


You now live in the Jersey Shore, or at least from the inside of the house.

Before we jump to conclusions how did it turn out?

Why are all the comments on this FML getting thumbed down?!

You know guys, I used to be an elevator operator. Now there's a job that has its ups and downs!

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Damn you rebellious teens! Maybe you guys had gotten in an argument and this is his revenge..

31 - Your Pun skill just dropped by at least 5.

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Science projects these days… "in conclusion, yes, walls can tan."

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Maybe he wanted to see if it would work so he could try it?

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uh wouldn't you test it on something else first like paper? or a spot on your arm?

#22 yes well obviously this kid is an idiot. But that's most likely what he was doing.

It's most likely that he tried it out over her parents white walls to see if it would work?... How does that even make sense to an 18 year old? He wasn't using it, it was probably revenge.

Well the only conclusion from the "experiment" is that your son is a complete moron...

Maybe he was comparing it to the likes of spray paint. Shows how ridiculous it looks.

Are you sure your son isn't 4? Normally wall painting is a toddler problem.

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OP, if he's 18, he's old enough to know better. Make him repaint it. That'll make him learn

Give him white spray paint and tell him to try the experiment again.

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Screw spray paint. Make him buy another can of white paint and force him to repaint

What good would forgetting do? In the words of JFK; "Forgive your enemies, but NEVER forget their names."

52, you did NOT just YOLO. You didn't. ..... AAAAAH! *viciously mauls 52*

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Ohmygoodness.....whatta dippy haha. He better clean it up

Is a sign! He needs to move out and get his own place.

Punishment: dress him like one of those jersey shore idiots, (spray tan, Ed hardy, hair gel, ripped pants...all of it) for the first week of school.

He's 18 years old. I at least hope he is still not in school... unless you're talking about college, where she would have no control on how he dressed.

Some places 18 year olds are in their senior year.

12- In a lot of places, 18 year olds are normally in their senior year.

It said my first comment didn't post >:| hope one of the mods removes it.

Considering, in the US where the FML was posted, it is summer meaning he would be turning 19 during his senior year if he had already not finished..

Unless he got held back a couple of times..which would explain his stupidity. I know someone who didn't graduate high school until they were 21 because they were held back 2 or 3 times throughout their life.

have you ever thought that being an 18 year old he could simply change clothes? because although he's a bit stupid, I think (rather hope), he'd take spare!

Can't get rid of the hair and spray tan.

69, white press powder and a decent bristle brush will do the trick very well.

Maybe he should have to paint the room while you spray paint his room bright pink as a punishment ;)

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Honestly, I would've been tempted to do the same thing. Idk why. I wouldn't have though bc I have impulse control.

Experiment....seems like you've got yourself a budding scientist! ;)

Ummm... Budding? He's 18 shouldn't he already have decided what he's doing? I'm 17 and already have my whole life planned out!!! XD