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Today, my wife told our six year old daughter that the devil beats his wife whenever there's a rainbow. Now she won't stop crying. FML
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She will never look at Skittles the same again...

Now that kid will never be able to enjoy a rainbow, nice going.


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because **** you, that's why! no, i think it's because for little kids, things like this are scary, and they tend to cry when they're scared!

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introduce your daughter to Lucky Charms and work your way up from there =)

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That's just an old wives tale.

You know... It just comes up in conversation...

What happens during a double rainbow, and who married the devil?

Best FML I've ever read. I'm gonna tell that to my kids

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Because his wife is crazy! Obviously!

WTF is wrong with your wife? FYL, F your daughters life...get a divorce.

20- Thank you for that insight. I'm sure no one would have been able to figure that out without your help.

Because there is 666 people who said, I agree, your life sucks.

When there's a double rainbow, the devil beats his wife and the girl he's cheating on her with, simultaneously. :0

I'm pretty sure it's when it's sunny while it rains is when the devil is beating his wife

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114 jazzo, I don't know why you're getting thumbed down. I always heard it as that expression too. (sun showers)

Enough with the divorce bullshit. No wonder family values are at an all time low.

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2 snaps for #20... you're so smart. Who's a good boy

....the op is the devil, and his wife married the devil. Get it,? She's telling get daughter she gets beat

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44- My biology teacher. But, before their marriage, his name was Stan and he was just an average banker. Unfortunately, her evilocity forever changed him. His name is now Satan because it sounds more sinister.

Shut the front door. That was funny as hell

stacianichole 2

I checked, front door's not open.

Wow OP you ******* idiot that's not even web the devil beats his wife! He beats his when the sun is out when it is snowing

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First of all-spell check, please! Second-this isnt about WHY the devil beat his wife, it's about a crazy bitch mom telling her kid that PERIOD! Stupid F*cking people

19- hearts stars and horseshoes, clovers and galloons. hourglasses rainbows and tasty red balloons!

Now that kid will never be able to enjoy a rainbow, nice going.

I'm going rainbow hunter hunting. We must stop this atroscity ASAP.

flockz 19

i'll bring my pet leprechaun. you wont like him when he's angry.

Worse thing is that isn't even the proper occasion for that saying... That "expression" comes from a long time ago and is used when there is rain and sunlight at the same time.

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That's an actual saying? How odd... Maybe she's not a heartless psycho, just a very confused woman who says inappropriately violent things to small children.

I hope you change your picture soon 54. I don't think the FML team allows nudity, and I can clearly see a nipple. Wouldn't want you to get banned dearie, I love all my comrades in FML.

Instead of that saying I was always told that when it was sunny and also rained it was a monkey's wedding... Much more age appropriate if you ask me :)

I was told that when it rains and it's sunny the witches come out and fly around looking for kids to eat( this isn't a joke)

This was supposed to be in response to #27: Thank you....That's indeed the worst thing about this FML. My father once said, when the sun was out and rain was falling, "The devil's beating his wife with a frying pan," but he explained that it was just something he heard as a child.

To be fair, rainbows are only created when there's sunlight in the rain, so one is simply an adaptation of the other and equally valid, yet bad to be telling small kids.

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I was told when it rains the angels were crying because I was such a bad kid.

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I wonder what happens during a Double Rainbow.... ??????

I was told that when it's sunny and rainy at the same time that it was a fox's wedding.

Imagine a double rainbow ? Although that's evil for some weir reason that also sounds so freaking awsoume lol

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She sure does.. Maybe she's the devils wife that's y she knows this insight lol

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It sounds like something a dad or uncle would say

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Tell your wife every time your daughter cries you'll beat her.

It sounds like something I would say to my children. I probably will one day.

She will never look at Skittles the same again...

Lol I was about to comment that the child would henceforth freak out at the sight of skittles when i saw your comment

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What is she trying to do scar the child?

Anyone who marries the devil deserved to be beat anyway :P at least Satan is monogamous... :D

It never said he was monogamous just said he was married.

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Well if you look at Greek mythology someone was forced to marry him... So yeah

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