By Why_Not31 - 01/09/2011 21:58 - United States

Today, I found out that getting caught in a barbed wire fence isn't as bad as it sounds. Running through a forest at night, tripping over one, rolling down an embankment, and getting swiped by a car, however, is. FML
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Why_Not31 tells us more.

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It was one of those knee-high single wire barbed fences they use to keep deer/horses and stuff away from certain places like roads...I think. I don't really know what those fences do, except trip people and hurt a lot. At least it wasn't electric.

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What, did you just escape from prison?

Rough day huh?


And.... Why were you running through a forest? Lol

LiveLaughFML 10

you live the life of Indiana Jones. 8D

yougotapes 7

Running away from gnomes weren't ya op... Don't blame ya

Sound fun! :D

Was the guy that wants to skin the guy working at the pharmacy after you? If he was then fyl and if not ydi.

Run Forrest run!

Sounds like my typical Friday night

Sounds like someone escaped from jail...

imaninja1 9

To #17 Win!

Free riding off the number one comment eh?

Same reaction statement I thought to myself as I read this lol ...but ledzeppelin kid...what's with the "fingering those chicks" deal? I mean come on, not only is that like the most lame comment you could make but it's completely inappropriate. Be a gentleman for goodness sake, because THAT just makes you look like a complete tool bag douche face, have a nice day now :)

I was quoting epic meal time when he beats the eggs with his fingers :P

Dude i know you your spencer for the ima art camp. The metal working one. The guy who made the cannon

Dare I ask what and who you're referring to 89?

Oh, well then my apologies, thanks for explaining, I seriously thought, omg what have teenagers come to lol ew that just made me sound really old...but I'm not ha just 21

Has anyone ever told you, you look just like Denzell Washington?

I get that all the time

What about double rainbows?

8I can't think of anything funny to say soo.. Witty comment? That'll work :)

How the fuck is the previous comment relevant to anything anyone has posted within this comment.

lol Why the fuck did you comment if you didn't have something funny or witty to say. People look smarter when they don't say anything at all.

Termites 15

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I'm just generally confused at this point...

Just sounds like a regular wednesday night to me

"Last Friday night"

How on Earth did you get yourself in that situation man?

Rough day huh?

I don't think it can get much rougher then that, excepting a plane crash right next to the OP.

He pissed off his girlfriend...

flockz 19

no no see he was running from some bullies in slw motion when his leg braces just broke away as his girlfriend told him to keep running.

21 - I have no idea what to think of that comment. Disturbing...

twisted54 1

31-Or u could think, "nice Forrest Gump reference"...:)

Didn't see that movie in years.. I must have been like 7 at the time I don't remember it at all :/ Makes sense though now thanks :o

sirhobothesecond 3

I'm sorry, but you have failed terribly. Please re-dial the number and call again. Thank you.

Is op the boy from limbo?

mduffy08 8

What the hell? What put you in that situation?

iloveyou1266 4

Ooh . I'm sorry , that sucks :(

BehindU 5

Seems like a rough game of tag

iloveyou1266 4

Don't thumb me down ! It does suck !

What, did you just escape from prison?

WinterPerfection 3

It's a secret!!

tylersign 11

OP was playing a very hardcore game of tag.

Exactly what I thought

IndiRae 9

Sounds like The Three Stooges designed that forest/area.

NoahEibon 11

Exactly, what the hell could OPpossibly be doing to be in that kind of effed up situation!

Mister22_fml 5

He's running from slenderman.

Sounds fun :D atleast u got a free ride

What were you doing running through a forest at night?!

My thoughts exactly.

They were being chased by the chainsaw murderer.

They were being chased by the chainsaw murderer.

I didnt chase anyone last night

twisted54 1

He was snipe hunting. You should try it one time. Let me know if u get one...:)

drawmesunshine 17

Don't you know? OP is Afroman and he's running from the KKK.

cheetahbud159 7

having fun, clearly

sorry 35, but, if you look like any of the people in your picture; people will run even if you don't have a chainsaw.

running with her vampire boyfriend, you know nbd

Filming Hangover 3.

They wouldn't have to run.. Just toss a twinky.

Lofuckingl # 138 your comment made my day

Perhaps OP was having his first cow tipping experience and ran into a few obstacles..?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

What the hell, people can't just go for a midnight jog anymore? When did this happen?

enonymous 8

Escaping My love shack is just like this...

lilhedz 0

you mean your rape van

oops_im_fucked 8

What were you running from?

My guess is that he/she was running from a gargantuan, ethereal, flame-cloaked penis of doom.

I would pay good money to see that, 183.