By Why_Not31 - United States
Today, I found out that getting caught in a barbed wire fence isn't as bad as it sounds. Running through a forest at night, tripping over one, rolling down an embankment, and getting swiped by a car, however, is. FML
Why_Not31 tells us more :
It was one of those knee-high single wire barbed fences they use to keep deer/horses and stuff away from certain places like roads...I think. I don't really know what those fences do, except trip people and hurt a lot. At least it wasn't electric.
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  chelsey76  |  6

Same reaction statement I thought to myself as I read this lol
...but ledzeppelin kid...what's with the "fingering those chicks" deal? I mean come on, not only is that like the most lame comment you could make but it's completely inappropriate. Be a gentleman for goodness sake, because THAT just makes you look like a complete tool bag douche face, have a nice day now :)

  chelsey76  |  6

Oh, well then my apologies, thanks for explaining, I seriously thought, omg what have teenagers come to lol ew that just made me sound really old...but I'm not ha just 21

  Termites  |  15

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