By Anonymous - 26/05/2011 17:54 - United States

Today, both of the roads leading to my small town were washed out by rising flood waters. I now live on an island in the middle of Wyoming. FML
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Dude, that's badass. You can name your island whatever you want now!


ToastGurl 0

That socks. I'm sorry.

JacksonCampbell 9

Put a SOS message in a bottle.

Or a Jonas brothers cd.

Go swimming :]

YwTwss 0

"Message in a bottle....Sendin' out a SOS!"

shift_love 13

that socks lmao good one

u deserve it for living in a state dat crappy

krazyvato 0

u spelledd sick wrung stupit

someones a little dicky today

Make a micronation and declare yourself president.

manMadeFAIL 7

hope u know how to swim

Could be worse -- you could be living in a lake in the middle of Wyoming.

monkeebalz 0

i "SEA" your problem : D

vergaso 0

so no one cares about wyoming not even the people in it fucking niqqers, atleast lie an say you live somewhere else

JacksonCampbell 9

I "sea" what you did thar!

you say you act well over your age, yet you just said that socks. herp.

^ I don't always herp. when I herp, I derp.

123. maybe shes 6 but acts 12..

It's time to grab some buds

iSitt 0

time to watch SurvivorMan reruns

#14 he didnt say fire up the bowl..... but id prefer a swisher ;)

op's soooo lucky i've always wanted to live on an island!!!!!!! :D

What if didn't have a boat?

At least you aren't in Joplin!

In your bio it says you root for all Philadelphia teams except the Sixers...What about the Philadelphia Union, the MLS Team?

reagan71 11

Agreed, my brother's house was destroyed in Joplin. Things could be A LOT worse. Sorry that you'll have to be paddling your way anywhere for a while though :(

I made that bio before the Union was even around. They are only like two seasons old. And I actually happen to know their 16 year old player, Zach Pfeffer. My friend and him played on the same club team.

OhSoBueno 0

lol I live n independence. that's super close to Joplin lol all that madness scared the buh-Jesus outta me lol

Agreed. I hate it

Boygenius50 8

YDI for living in Wyoming in the first place

jvillan87 5

I just drove through Wyoming...that was enough for me.

"Today, I live in Wyoming. FML"

What's wrong with living in Wyoming? I have lived here my whole life and I can say from experience that some of the nicest people are from here. I would much rather live here than a huge city any day!

Birds always sing after a storm, we should be as free to celebrate what we have after a disaster. Assuming your property is still in one piece, you should celebrate instead of sulking!

MissMittens 0

lmfao ha ha

#7 is right fuck off all you haters enjoy what you still have

Trupe 3

Well it's not like there's anything in Wyoming anyway....

screw you. Wyoming is awesome. and ever been to yellowstone bitch? exactaly

Not true! there's an island

36 was a jokkee.. and 39 HA HA HA ROFFLE WAFFLE

I can't say everyone shares the same enthusiasm as you.

FOXYgrandpa441 6

I like you i live in wyoming best state by far

tuppencej777 0

You can turn that into a positive and get that summer bod you always wanted by swimming in and out of town.

jennifer93 0

make a raft!

Dude, that's badass. You can name your island whatever you want now!

I think they covered that when they named the town

Yeah but now it's an island. Time to rename it!