By FirstDaddy - 16/06/2014 21:38 - United States - Southfield

Today, my daughter told me that she liked her "other daddy" better. I don't know who's she talking about, but my wife is doing a good job telling her to be quiet. FML
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aw fuck man, sorry about that.

That´s no problem. You know. Kids are easy to bribe.


aw fuck man, sorry about that.

Your wife is also doing a good job of making it obvious that she's cheating. Not as sly as she thought...

Wow she must be cheating, sry OP! Fuck I'm a genius...

We don't have to jump straight to cheating. Perhaps your daughter is confused on the definition of "dad" and considers other male figures in her life to also be her father.

But then why would OP's wife try and quiet down the daughter so much?

brrarm 17

Actually kids do sometimes consider other caring male figures in their lives to be their dads. I when little did that to a friend if family. My mom would shush me down and later try to explain, because she didn't want my father to feel bad about my words.

Maybe it's like Coraline and she went to a parallel world

maybe op isnt the real father and the mom let the daughter visit the "other daddy"

I don't know what you said but I like it!

That´s no problem. You know. Kids are easy to bribe.

91hayek 31

The kid is confused enough; they should leave her out of their dysfunctional relationship and talk about it like the adults they are supposed to be.

collegedream121 8

I hate to say this but due to our dysfunctional generation.. Get her at least a cell phone, iPad, and a Macbook air. No promises though.

An iphone instead of "cell phone" would go better with the list of apple products you mentioned.

jack_jill05 14

the fact that the FML said "daddy", the kid probably said that randomly, and his wife has to tell her not say that, I would assume that the she's probably young and doesn't need any of those things. maybe just talking it out in private without her in the room. one other thing. why, if your cheating on your husband and your childs father, would you bring her along?

Down voted only because Apple products suck. Use Linux and Android.

RedPillSucks 31

@54 Most likely, because mom is a "Stay at home" mom, and the other man in question visits often, while the child is there.

The kid said it, where do you get them dragging the kid into it? Maybe mommy needs keep her affair out of the kids life.

Maybe she took her boy friend there when the husband was out.

54, although I think you're right and she is pretty young, I wanted to point out that using the word "daddy" for your dad does not necessarily mean the child is young. in some parts of the US kids call their father "daddy" forever. I'm 21 and I still say "daddy." My mom does the same with her dad. "Dad" actually sounds pretty impersonal to me. Just wanted to point that out.

He could be coming over to their house when OP is at work. A lot of wives are found cheating when husbands come home early.

HeManPc 5

Bribing a child with things such as a cellphone, ipad, ect. Is only contributing to the dysfunctional generation you're referring to, #30.

deepunder 17

Perhaps shes not even your daughter?

gjikvtj 18

Maury time

If you're sitting in the kitchen and you're feeling something itching... Yeah. She's cheating.

I don't get it. ;(

38 - She could have given him an STD, presumably from the person she's cheating on him with.

Redoxx_fml 22

Tell her you like your "other wife" better

Because that would solve everything....

but his daughter told him not his wife

Lol, don't you mean, "tell her you like her other mommy better"?

popprock 13

Probably would make things worse... Then the wife would have something to use against him. He'd say he was kidding or lying and then she would ask why he said it then. It just wouldn't end well....

I just have to ask... Whose your daddy?

Is he rich like me?

#86 was quoting a song. "what's your name? who's your daddy? is he rich like me?" from the 70s, don't remember the artist or feel like googling it.

def leopard...

Not that good of a job apparently.

I'm so sorry to hear that. Keep your head up. Hope it all works out for you.

DaMann360 19

I don't. He should greatly consider divorce because cheating is absolutely not okay. He can't trust her anymore and so on. He should do what he can to find the truth and then take any necessary actions.

I wasn't saying to not consider divorce if she was in fact cheating. I'm just saying that I hope everything works out for the best, whether it be divorce or they work it out. As long as he gets it figured out and does what's best for him.

RedPillSucks 31

well, one can try to talk out the problem as well, even if she's cheating. Divorce is not always the answer, and not the only way to resolve things.

Djmaxn 13

This is why most marriages end in divorce. People think it's the only answer. Well I say that divorce is a terrible idea that hurts everyone around you, and OP should consider ever other available option FIRST before resorting to divorce. At least try to work it out.

I agree #77, that's what I was trying to get at with my previous comment. For some people, it is the best option. But it is best to explore all options and talk it out first.

they have kid(s) together. they should at least try to work something out for the kids sake.

One of the worst reasons to stay together is "for the kids"... The kids grow up having a dysfunctional relationship and unhappy parents as an example and they learn that that is what normal relationships look like.

It's never healthy to stay together "for the kids" as then the problems get worse and worse over time eventually leading to the kid believing it's his/her fault

dannnngthatsux 19

Sorry, if it is cheating AND your kid is being involved, it's time to run. Now, if mom had kept it on the down low...

I think you need to seriously consider a paternity test!! She's obviously cheating. Hopefully this dont change ur relationship with ur daughter.

"Next up on Maury,..."

And an STD test :D

BlackDesire 19

that sounds pretty hard