By djfail - 01/09/2011 17:56 - United States

Today, I was DJing on a popular local radio station when a pop-up window appeared on the station's computer. Of all the possible sounds that could have played, it was a girl screaming in pleasure. It went out live on air. FML
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DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

How many calls did you get for that one?

SwtCherryPie 26

Were you looking at something you shouldnt have been?


DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

How many calls did you get for that one?

yougotapes 7

You can always turn that to something positive!

LiveLaughFML 10

they'll want you back next week with how much their ratings are going to increase. :P

flockz 19

ya like he DJ skills are orgasmic. :D "(various beats) Drop it to the floooooor. Drop it low low looooow loooooow" "OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS KEEP GOINGGGGG ITS SOOOO GOODDD!!!"

Translation: I was attempting to DJ while watching **** and...

uffiewuffie 0

So THAT was what I heard on the radio!

Not a big deal our rock station morning crew has the fake at 8

deathtrap 0

The only thing that could make this worse is if u work for a Christian radio station

Finn_the_human 5

72- no caller #69 is Always the winner ;)

LostSaiyan 3

How could someone dj for a Christian station?

YDI for watching **** and catching **** related adware/malware/spyware

111: "when a pop-up appeared on the station's computer" :) Keyword "station's"

yoursucklives 36

haha i would have loved to hear that. hope you didn't get into trouble!

In trouble? There's artists that uses **** sounds and beats to create a song. Its called Pornstep, check it out :).

yoursucklives 36

haha. yes, but it doesn't sound like OP's radio station would play music like this ;)

sourgirl101 28

If you listen to "Guns and Roses- Rocket Queen" you can hear Axle Rose having sex with this girl on the sound track. Enjoy! (:

jellitonoctopus 19

42- don't cast a spell on me or anything, but it's not that big of a deal. Simple mistake.

sourgirl101 28

I always end up making mistakes. I'm the worst speller ever! No biggie, I have pet peeves too!(:

llamalpaca382 13

47 - you are an ass. Have a nice day :)

SwtCherryPie 26

Were you looking at something you shouldnt have been?

saIty 17

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist watching the guy doing his Magic Hands. I've been a bad boy.

poundsbieber 0

Looks like your ratings might have gone up

yea :/ why would some **** sounds pop up.

My take on it is that someone at the station set up the computer so that the windows sound generated by the pop-up was the ****** sound effect instead of the usual ding or whatever, it's easy enough to do.

Looks like I've found a new favorite radio station. :)

That only happens when you're looking at naughty sites, stupid dj.

It's also insanely easy to change the windows default sound for pop-ups to something naughty.. No **** required

oops_im_fucked 8