By djfail / Thursday 1 September 2011 17:56 / United States
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  flockz  |  19

ya like he DJ skills are orgasmic. :D "(various beats) Drop it to the floooooor. Drop it low low looooow loooooow" "OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS KEEP GOINGGGGG ITS SOOOO GOODDD!!!"

  WinMan  |  7

Not a big deal our rock station morning crew has the fake at 8

  LostSaiyan  |  3

How could someone dj for a Christian station?

By  iTrevor  |  5

The OP's name lol.


My take on it is that someone at the station set up the computer so that the windows sound generated by the pop-up was the orgasm sound effect instead of the usual ding or whatever, it's easy enough to do.

By  sydie5  |  12

That only happens when you're looking at naughty sites, stupid dj.

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