By Cherie - 07/12/2010 18:25 - United States

Today, my daughter told my son that Santa is not real. Of course, being a child, he started to cry. My only problem is, my son is 11 and my daughter is 6. FML
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your daughter is awesome and it sons a little girl

your kids a little douche time to harden up

#3 Agreed. But wording it a little nicer might not hurt. The boy is soft! Time to grow up! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Yes. De-pussifying your son should be on your to do list.

eff you and also, i just watched glee and brittany still believes in santa

You let your son think there is a Santa even when there is none? This is what you get. Crushing a Childs dream of Santa's existence. Now he will go up to you and say, how come you did not tell me when I was younger?

My parents never expressly told me that there was no Santa and I turned out fine. In fact most of the people I know just figured it out for themselves by the time they started school without their parents telling them. It's really a test of logic and deductive reasoning, if you can't figure it out without someone expressly telling you then there is reason for concern. That's just my personal feelings.

I remember the conversation that led my to the truth when I was only 6. "How does Santa get everyone presents in one night?" "He's magic." "Then how come I saw you putting presents under the tree last night?" I was actually happy that it was my parents and not Santa. It made me feel good they were behind it the whole time.

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And now remember what your parents told you about Jesus...

Double failure, Doc. I think the FML here is that it's the younger child destroying the youth of the older child.

I have no idea what you are trying to imply.

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He said 'daughter' twice, implying that the sons is a little girl.

ok, how was that difficult to understand at all?

Tell him the Tooth Fairy isn't real either, and you throw his teeth in the trash.

My mom saved all my teeth in a little box. Finding THAT out was worse than finding out there was no tooth fairy.

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That seems to be quite a common thing albeit creepy. I got a set with two little boxes when my son was born, one was for the first lock of hair that is cut off at the hairdressers and one is for the first tooth. Im not sure how i feel about keeping a tooth tbh :S I know people that have kept the bit of the umbilical chord that comes off, thats pretty sick for me.

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You're 11 year old is DUMB. wow. it should be the other way around. now what are you going to do for Christmas since both your kids know?

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Celebrate the birth of her lord and saviour?

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With your spelling and grammar, you shouldn't be calling anybody dumb.

the only mistake I see is you're is used incorrectly.

Am I now? Can you please explain (in English, if you could) how me a dumbass? Sorry about the grammar there, but I figured I would phrase it so kman could understand.

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