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By stillembarrassed - 06/08/2013 17:01 - United Kingdom

Today, the window cleaner did his rounds at my house. I sat at my mirror applying makeup and doing my hair. When he came to my window, he yelled rather loudly, "Stop putting on a show for me, you dirty slut!" FML
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I would tell him that his services are no longer required at your place. What an ass.


I would tell him that his services are no longer required at your place. What an ass.

"Stop putting on a show for me, you dirty ****!" "Your services are no longer required." "Stop playing hard to get, you dirty ****!"

T9FTW 20

Oh, I was thinking spray him in the eyes and kick him in the grapes, but your way's more sensible.

Or just keep the Window close and start to get naked. The poor guy will be in a bad bad situation

Yes because getting naked would defiantly mean she is not a ****.

Wizardo 33

He thinks he's living a **** stars life, next time just open your window and see a man fly... temporarily.

Pwn17 25

Don't take any offense, he's just a ******* idiot.

K410 18

Well he can't be very smart for someone who has to wash windows for a living :p

I wash windows. I'm putting myself through school debt free on it.

Pwn71 I just want to let you know you have incredible taste in music. Sorry for creeping on your bio. On topic, I didn't know there are residential window washers. Must be a uk thing.

Llama_Face89 33

There's a message service for that kinda thing.

48, ever had a dirty **** put on a show for you?

#91 You'd be surprised. An astonishing amount of people seem to think being naked in their own home is ok.

It's not his fault window washers get all the ladies he just thought you were another woman who wanted him for his immense salary

miyaviichan 27

I giggled like a little kid at that. Pretty good transient humor.

yourmurderscenex 13

I'm always looking for the next sexy window washer. oh yeahhh. ;)

Llama_Face89 33

.........If that's the case I'm totally a window washer!

Maybe he said that to feel better about himself

Tell him to shut up and enjoy the show!

Sounds like he was looking for attention or something.