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Today, my two managers, both over 30, were arguing over whether or not butter is a sauce. FML
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Hold the phone, you're telling me it's not a sauce?

It's every 4 year olds favorite pasta sauce.


Hold the phone, you're telling me it's not a sauce?

No it's a instrument just like mayonnaise

nityasomaiya 46

Come on, everybody knows mayonnaise is a juice

Well actually Butter can be a sauce if you melt it and eat it with potatoes... At least we eat it as a sauce here in germany. Do you never do that?

Yes, but just because it's melted it doesn't become a sauce #70.

ThePandoricaOpen 18

Yo, Culinary Student here, I can tell you, that while it's not a sauce by definition, we have used compound butters, (butter with stuff like herbs, bell peppers, mixed in), as sauces for foods like steak, vegetables, and just for garnish on the plate.

I have to be clear: We do not provide sour cream

lobster butter sauce. garlic butter sauce?

If butter isn't a sauce... Where's a butterfly than made from???

Why isn't it a sauce then # 71? As far as I know a sauce is something you eat with a meal, that would otherwise be to dry or not so tasty... and Butter does just that if you melt it ;)

Has nobody ever seen the episode where SpongeBob digs up #1 to get his hat for Mr.Crabs?

It's every 4 year olds favorite pasta sauce.

Butter isn't a sauce, it's a COVER ALL OF DELICIOUSNESS

Well I guess it depends on if the butter is melted or not..

They're both right. Butter can be a sauce, but not always. A sauce is merely a liquid or semi liquid used to add flavor in the preparation of other foods. Butter can be used this way.

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Now I have a craving for some crab legs. mmmm.

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Imagining you being Jim, and steve carell and will ferrell going at it from the office makes it funnier

It's margarine-ally better than doing nothing.

I I just That was a great and terrible pun at the same time. I love it.

i just wish shed said "margarine-ally butter"

Hahaa I didn't know if that would be too much or not. Thanks :)