By Cammi0 - 02/06/2015 17:58 - United States

Today, I realized the only way I can pay my bills this month is if I steal from my 8 year old's birthday money. FML
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You need to provide. Money can be replaced later.

Been there before. Several times! I always pay them back though


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Never assume that! It's always better to explain the situation and tell him you'll pay him back soon. Kids are smarter than you think and he'll most likely understand! If OP just takes the money he might find out and not trust OP anymore after that.

If he's anything like half my little cousins, he might often count his money so he can brag to friends and family how much money he has. it would be much better for the OP to explain why he needs to take the money rather than breaking his child's trust

How will he not notice?? He's 8. Not 3.

some will notice. if they really wanted the money, they would count it and keep it safe. probably to buy a toy

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^comment 65 meant that the child will notice since he's 8, not 3, meaning a three year old will not notice, whereas an 8 year old definitely should.

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This makes literally no sense three is correct

kittykat1501 31

Been there before. Several times! I always pay them back though

Sad. But it happens. As a single mom, I've cleaned out my kids' accounts to pay the mortgage and put food on the table when their father won't pay up. They're not going to get it back. Don't judge until you know all the circumstances.

I hope you struggle one day and look back to this day and be like " damn I should of never said that"

Wow, really? Just because someone doesn't understand something it doesn't mean they should have to experience it. When you say "I'm starving!" when you haven't eaten for 8 hours, does that mean you should actually have to starve for weeks to understand what it really means?

Not everyone had a good job and can pay for their basic needs easily. I remember willingly helping my mom when I was a kid after my dad died. Don't judge a person until you know the circumstances.

I wish there was a way I could give money to OP, I'm not rich or anything even close but I'd give like $20 if they were truly being honest about their situation. Life can be tough.

I'm sure that if he'll ever find out, he'll understand :)

He's eight, what does he understand about bills? I'm 14 turning 15 and still have a lot to learn.

@58, comments like that make you more of an adult than some people I know that are twice your age.

Kids know. They might not know exactly how much life costs, but they know you're not with them all day because you need to work to buy food and pay the bills. My seven-year-old always offers his savings when something breaks and I say I need to wait to payday to take it to get repaired.

You need to provide. Money can be replaced later.

It is not stealing. Think of it as borrowing.

I see your 8 year old kid wears the pants in the house.

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If it's to keep him fed and clothed then by all means do it, there's no shame in supporting your family by any means.