By lorb101 - Australia - Mount Waverley
Today, after recently getting my car fully serviced and fixed, the horn has decided to spontaneously beep. To stop the beeping I have to press the horn hard, making it look like I'm purposely doing it to piss people off. FML
lorb101 tells us more :
I booked in next week to get it looked at- hopefully it behaves until then!! It just gets super awkward because I'm a 22 year old female and so not the usual candidate for a cheeky drive by beeping!! Thanks for all your concern guys!! Xxx
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Same here! A while ago, in my state, this old man's road rage was so extreme that he bumped into the car of the driver he was angry with to get them to pull over, then grabbed a crossbow from his backseat and shot the driver with it. The guy was angry because the other driver had flashed his high beams at him.

Hoping your fate will be better, OP! Fingers crossed you can get it fixed soon.

By  odamaliekh  |  26

Go back and explain them what happened, they'll fix it.
Until then, disable the horn. It's usually pretty simple, just disconnect the wires:) if you don't know which ones it is or can't find them, Google it. There's probably a manual online:) Good luck OP!