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Today, while waiting tables, I watched a woman pull the bacon off her roast beef melt and eat it. She then called me over and spent several minutes complaining about the our chefs' inadequacy because they didn't put bacon on her sandwich. FML
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The things people will do for extra bacon.

Hahha did u tell her you were watching her the whole time?!


The things people will do for extra bacon.

You're not supposed to wrap it around the dick, stupid. If you had just used a condom that hopefully wouldn't have happened.

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That was the same thing that was said to 14's Dad..

Try J & D's Baconlube™. Now you can have your meat and eat it too!

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Bacon is the best food in the world. Nuff said.

That woman is secretly the dog from that dog food commercial that tastes like bacon. Sorry I can't remember the brand.

Hahha did u tell her you were watching her the whole time?!

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Technically, what she did was stealing. She intended to receive more bacon through deception, a bacon burglary!

@41: so you're saying she purloined the pork?

If he told her that she would probably just start complaining on how he was watching her

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And? What's the problem with that you should always watch customers especially if they are stealing bacon that shit isn't cheap. Complaining an employee is watching yours like complaining they have security cameras as long as they aren't doing it for pleasure or some creepy way he has every right to watch her bacon stealing ass

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That sucks but in her defense, bacon is delicious.

You're right, it is delicious. So let's all go try to steal some! (jk, in case you can't tell)

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You know you can call her on it right?

Some may call her crazy. I call her a genius.

It was an attempted (and apparently failed) theft by deception. For it to be an act of genius, she would have had to at least make sure the waiter wasn't watching while she ate the bacon. Also, if you pull this type of shit at a restaurant, don't be surprised if they spit in your food. People who abuse people working in the service industry are the scum of the earth. Please don't applaud them.

I would have asked if she had checked in her mouth near the other piece she just ate.

Should've called her on her bullshit.