By craigtm029429 - United States
Today, while waiting tables, I watched a woman pull the bacon off her roast beef melt and eat it. She then called me over and spent several minutes complaining about the our chefs' inadequacy because they didn't put bacon on her sandwich. FML
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  maronofhearts  |  19

And? What's the problem with that you should always watch customers especially if they are stealing bacon that shit isn't cheap.

Complaining an employee is watching yours like complaining they have security cameras as long as they aren't doing it for pleasure or some creepy way he has every right to watch her bacon stealing ass

  capnbzarr  |  43

It was an attempted (and apparently failed) theft by deception. For it to be an act of genius, she would have had to at least make sure the waiter wasn't watching while she ate the bacon.

Also, if you pull this type of shit at a restaurant, don't be surprised if they spit in your food.

People who abuse people working in the service industry are the scum of the earth. Please don't applaud them.