By xxlenalunaxx - 29/04/2015 11:11 - United States

Today, after waiting for 2 weeks for the right moment to meet my boyfriend's mom, she walked in as I was straddling him, trying to prove that I'd win in a wrestling match. I guess we met, then. FML
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At least you had clothes on! you did have clothes on, right?

trellz17 19


At least you had clothes on! you did have clothes on, right?

Redoxx_fml 22

Naked wrestling is more traditional

The lock on the doorknob is a great invention -.-

Why would you lock the door if you are wrestling?

Redoxx_fml 22

Because you don't want them tagging someone in

FMLusername969 21

I second #26's comment. Slow down on the ****.

I guess the joke of his mother joining in(not in a sexual way) didn't really come through

hahaha awe I'm sorry OP. One time my girlfriends sister walked in on my girlfriend on top of my trying to squish me but totally took it the wrong way. I doubt she thought anything of it as long as you guys had clothes on haha

First impressions are the ones that count! Haha

this would be a cool story to tell your kids later on. :D

You can literally feel the awkwardness just by reading this FML.