By xoxo_retailslave420_xoxo - 21/5/2016 12:57 - Australia - Parramatta
Today, a woman threw a sandwich at me, told me to go back to "fucktard island" and demanded to see my manager. All because the mayonnaise sandwich she ordered, shockingly enough, had mayonnaise in it. FML
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  Kershme123  |  2

wait, you didn't realise it was a sarcastic joke? like "oh shit what a plot twist, there's actually mayo in a mayo sandwich, goddamn, betcha haven't seen that one coming!"

  Regisord413  |  10

You would NOT believe this. I ordered a drink, and you know what they did? They served the drink in a freaking CUP. Unbelievable. These people should not be allowed to run a restaurant.