By xoxo_retailslave420_xoxo - 21/05/2016 12:57 - Australia - Parramatta

Today, a woman threw a sandwich at me, told me to go back to "fucktard island" and demanded to see my manager. All because the mayonnaise sandwich she ordered, shockingly enough, had mayonnaise in it. FML
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TigranPet 24

It's ridiculous how every time I order a sandwich, it comes with bread on it. was anything else supposed to be on this 'mayonnaise sandwich?' Unless that's just a term I'm not familiar with, *gag*


why the fuck is this downvoted? O_o

Probably because it's a stupid question that has nothing to do with the FML.

Nah, it's a funny/sarcastic response to the sandwich having mayo in it.

wait, you didn't realise it was a sarcastic joke? like "oh shit what a plot twist, there's actually mayo in a mayo sandwich, goddamn, betcha haven't seen that one coming!"

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Horseradish is not an instrument either

Lmao, nice reference to another FML.

I'm pretty sure it was actually a reference to an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

Michael978 16

It was definitely something Patrick said in Spongebob..

No, this is Patrick!

I hope your manager laughed her out of the restaurant.

Mathalamus 24

fucktard island? interesting. :P

I've had many a fine holiday on Fucktard Island

ericanicole1 12

I need to remember that

TigranPet 24

It's ridiculous how every time I order a sandwich, it comes with bread on it.

Listen to this nonsense. I once ordered a cheeseburger and there was cheese on it. Can you believe it???

Imagine my surprise when I ordered salad and they brought me a plate of lettuce and other vegetables.

I once had a milkshake and there was milk in it. I'm allergic to that. Disgusting.

You would NOT believe this. I ordered a drink, and you know what they did? They served the drink in a freaking CUP. Unbelievable. These people should not be allowed to run a restaurant.

I ordered a hamburger sandwich, they gave me bread with a damned burger between it!

Last time I ordered a sandwich, they forgot the sand! Unbelievable. ?

I ordered a hamburger once, there no ham on it =(

Surely she's mental. I wouldn't even sweat it.

doesn't she know? it's the common way of fucktard islanders to put mayonnaise in a mayonnaise sandwich.

Man, I should be pissed every time they freakin give me a patty in my cheeseburger!

Come on, OP, everyone knows that a mayonnaise sandwich is supposed to have vegemite ...

Do you come from a land down under?

I'm going to use Fucktard Island from now on