By samabomination - United States - Monroeville
Today, my step-dad's three year old granddaughter slept over. She insisted she didn't need a diaper to go to sleep and they put her in my bed with me, actually believing that she didn't need a diaper. Not only did she kick me all night, but I had the joy of waking up to her peeing on me. FML
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  morella_xx  |  29

#1 is right. Everyone knows if a situation doesn't end in, say, mass genocide, you're not allowed to complain about it. Ever. Because it could always be worse.

  golden_warrior  |  23

my apologies, I should have used, "should have." English is my second language so I tend to make grammar mistakes when I'm in a rush. And no need to call me asshole for making a grammar mistakes. You condescending motherfucker.

  XSeraphinX  |  18

Well, don't you see the little girl was just expressing herself? She is obviously mature enough to know she doesn't need a diaper and shouldn't be forced to wear one. /sarcasm

By  Needafarm  |  22

Most three year olds don't have great bladder control, so until about age 5 or 6 they still need a night time diaper. ONE of your parents should have known this.
Since children have started to use these new absorbent diapers the age a child is completely potty trained has risen from about age 3 to age 5 since they no longer feel the wetness and don't have to associate the wetness with something coming from them.

  hooligyn123  |  18

Really? Because my two god daughters have been out of diapers even when sleeping since they were two and a half... And they are from different families with different parenting styles. maybe i have just been lucky but none of the kids I have helped raise were in diapers at night when they were 5...