By samabomination - 02/06/2013 08:29 - United States - Monroeville

Today, my step-dad's three year old granddaughter slept over. She insisted she didn't need a diaper to go to sleep and they put her in my bed with me, actually believing that she didn't need a diaper. Not only did she kick me all night, but I had the joy of waking up to her peeing on me. FML
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rg350dx 29

I usually wake right up with a shower in the morning. Granted, mines not golden..

I wouldn't believe a 3-year old on their word... FYL


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Because as you know, it was totally OP's fault that her step-dad didn't put a diaper on the kid.

just because it can get worse doesn't mean its not a horrible thing that happened.

#1 is right. Everyone knows if a situation doesn't end in, say, mass genocide, you're not allowed to complain about it. Ever. Because it could always be worse.

Silly me, here I am talking about human genocide when there are whole galaxies at stake! I'm so naive. Earth people problems, am I right?

rg350dx 29

I usually wake right up with a shower in the morning. Granted, mines not golden..

I wouldn't believe a 3-year old on their word... FYL

You wouldn't happen to be the lifeguard from the previous FML would you? Word spreads.

I heard Babies urine is good for the skin. Lol, I'm just kidding. Should of took her and put her in grandpa's bed.

"Should of took"? Seriously? Reading this comment gave me a stroke. I can hardlu evrn typpe nowe asshoile..,::,

Wizardo 33

IDC Doc your comment was literally the first ever since being on the app that made me laugh like crazy, bravo sir, bravo.

my apologies, I should have used, "should have." English is my second language so I tend to make grammar mistakes when I'm in a rush. And no need to call me asshole for making a grammar mistakes. You condescending ************.

^ lol #16 reading your post in an Arab accent made me laugh so hard.

Wizardo 33

^ reading your comment in a Arab imitating an Arab accent made me crack up.

They should have known better than that. I still had the occasional accident up to about the age of four.

Well, don't you see the little girl was just expressing herself? She is obviously mature enough to know she doesn't need a diaper and shouldn't be forced to wear one. /sarcasm

Well you live and you learn! Don't be too hard on the three yr old.

I moderated this yes, so FYL. But wouldn't have been easier to say niece or step-niece?

Most three year olds don't have great bladder control, so until about age 5 or 6 they still need a night time diaper. ONE of your parents should have known this. Since children have started to use these new absorbent diapers the age a child is completely potty trained has risen from about age 3 to age 5 since they no longer feel the wetness and don't have to associate the wetness with something coming from them.

hooligyn123 18

Really? Because my two god daughters have been out of diapers even when sleeping since they were two and a half... And they are from different families with different parenting styles. maybe i have just been lucky but none of the kids I have helped raise were in diapers at night when they were 5...

Somewhere between 3-4 is average. Kids should be able to control themselves before going to school at age 5.