By Eringobrag88 - 27/06/2011 16:08 - United States

Today, I woke up to my two year old crawling in bed with me and saying, "I poop". Normally this would be ok, but this morning she decided she didn't need a diaper. FML
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and there's 5.) The assholes who see the overused pun, and wants to be a *****, so they point it out.


In every FML, there's usually 3 types of comments: 1. The "I'm first; worship me" people. 2. The "I second that comment 'cause I can't make my own" people. 3. The "Insert shitty pun here" people. But for you, I'm making a new category. 4. The "This pun has been said 50 times but I'm gonna say it again to get noticed" people.

and there's 5.) The assholes who see the overused pun, and wants to be a *****, so they point it out.

i feel really inclined to tell you that your face is a shitty situation.

21: Was that directed towards me? I was born this way!

20 - Actually, I'm already in a category: "Commenters that everyone wants torture before killing".

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That "shitty situation" joke is so old, the three wise men told it to Mary and Joseph in the manger when Jesus dropped his First Holy Load. Seriously, people. It isn't funny any more.

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potty training timee! and shit before bed IN THE TOILET.

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is Ipoop a new apple device I haven't heard of?

1- That's so funny the last time I heard that I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur. ;)

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haha I see what you did there

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51- No, it's a new iCarly movie.

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Aren't you just a comedian?!(;

sorry...I was really bored :p I had nothing else to write and I had nothing else to do...

That's so funny last time I heard that I farted and created a universe

Isn't OP supposed put a diaper on her in the first place? Kinda a YDI if you ask me

It says SHE, meaning the daughter, decided she didn't need a diaper. I'm pretty sure the two-year-old took it off herself.

Hopefully it didn't soak through to the mattress!

I don't think shit can do that unless it's diarrhea or something XP

lol That's what I was thinking too, but if she's two she may have peed too... Remembering my brother's stories anyway. Made for some messy mornings for him lol

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why was your two year old not being supervised? so you were asleep while they were crawling around?

She woke up after sleeping through the night, crawled into my bed to wake me up

Maybe because she said, "this morning." Mother's don't have a magical biological clock that tells them, "the baby's about to be up.... I'm gonna wake up now and wait for it." Shit happens. Literally and figuratively.

when you have a kid and have actually experienced looking after a little kid you may diss someone's parenting skills. until then shut up.

So when you have kids your gonna stay up for 18 years and watch them sleep this is the real world dumb ass

two year olds don't crawl. Or at least they shouldn't still be crawling.

Thank you all, but, coco, i'm the father lol

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Haha, well, daddies don't have that magical biological clock, either. I'm sorry >_

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hahaha that's a shaft up your ass

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that's alright she's two. she'll hopefully be potty trained soon

I don't know why the kid isn't already in the process of being potty trained or already potty trained.

How do you know she isn't? Children who are potty training still need a diaper, especially at night. Hence the term "training". How many children have you potty trained?

Considering her birthdate, I'm guessing none.

because you can't force a kid to want to go on the potty. average age for girls to potty train is 3 and boys is between 3.5 and 4

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In my experience 3 is old for a girl to potty if she's able to identify that she pooped and take off her diaper she's either being trained or ready to!!

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Wait that isn't normal? You learn something new everyday!