By raebay - United States
Today, after I bathed my nine month old, I laid her on my bed to grab a diaper. I turned around to see that she'd peed on my comforter. I then put her in her playpen to put my cover in the wash. I came back into the room to get her, and saw she'd taken off her diaper. She'd crapped in her playpen. FML
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By  king_dro  |  0

Your stupid, in no way is being a mother an FML. This is neither an FML or a YDI. It's called motherhood, if you didn't want to experience things like this you should not have had a child.

  kryxen  |  14

Just wait until they are toddlers and dig in their diapers for "brown paint" to do arts and crafts in their rooms during nap time.

By  king_dro  |  0

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  myballs  |  0

"Your stupid." Nice oxymoron, dipshit.

Anyways, the first is arguably YDI. You should have had a diaper before-hand.

The second is. . . unfortunate. Be looking forward to the teenaged years when they get moody and depressed, and start doing drugs! Wait. . .


What kind of mom sets their baby down on their back and then walks away and stops watching them, even if it is for a diaper. It's people like you that give Mississippi a bad name. (to everyone else, I swear we're not all as complainy and ignorant as this woman is)

  dyld921  |  2

First off, we're not animals. We have emotions. People can make choices. They can't be forced to do something they don't want to. We have babies because we want to have a family, not just because it's part of nature. Do you really think people would want to raise bebies when they're not ready for it? That's where homeless people and orphans come from.
Second, it's not EVERYONE'S 'duty' to have children. We don't exist solely to reproduce. It's called a 'society'. Have you heard about the overpopulation problem? People like this can actually be helpful. I'm sure a lot of people would rather live forever than reproduce just for the sake of it.

  ricanmami_417  |  0

bein a mother has lots of fmls but a good mother can say FML an still laugh bout it. my 2 year old threw up an took off his dirty diaper at there same time. i was sayin f*** me..

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

*You're. Dumbass. Not everyone wants a kid, but gets one anyway. Condoms break, birth control fails and sometimes the surgeries that men get fail. It happened to my friend's mom's boyfriend. He got "neutered", but it failed. Now she has a baby sister.

  Mira Lux  |  26

# 92, All animals have emotions and make choices. Dogs get upset if they are separated from its owners. A cat chooses to use it litter box. All animals have emotions and can make choices.

By  Krystakitty  |  0

Its just what Kids a mom you sjhould know to put a towel under her if shes on your bed and if shes prone to taking of her nappy she should have had trousers or a vest with the buttons done up at the bottom common sense really

By  RustyGuy  |  0

Like what, A tarp? If you put the infant on a towel or another blanket she would have just pee'd on that and it would have soaked thru to the comforter anyway. Use your common sense people!