By levi Glasscock - 15/04/2011 13:52 - United States

Today, my mom called me and said, "I made your sister laugh so hard she peed her pants." I got home and noticed she also peed on my bed. FML
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lolololololol id be super pissed if i found my sisters piss stain on my bed. id pull a scary movie 2 and shove her face in it


bthomas0319 2

Pee is gross.

Frelling 0

Looks like you commented on an FML... time to drink my own piss.

no shit, sherlock

Eat shit, Sherlock?

FireNinja 3

post 1: uh no it isn't. it is sterol. and it's a very kinky way of life. I'm offended by your words.

lol 31 reminds me of that freaky pee/shit/bloody tampon ****

31 The word is 'Sterile'. Golden showers bring happiness upon all who's shiny glory it touches. As long as I'm the reliever and not the receiver, It's good. Unless the chick is really hot, then I'd bask in that glory till kingdom come.

urine is actually a valid source of hydration. just like in the discovery channel. I assume it's not the easiest to consume tho.

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idont care how "sterile" piss is, its GROSS to drink piss period.!!

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the same thing happened to me accept it was vomit.. yeah it was discusting

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Sterol? As in lipid? What? sgghgfdzzAfhjg

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Sister pee is pretty gross for sure.

Personally I LOVE a hot glass of pee every morning! Dee-LISH! Hmm-mmm.

bear grills drinks his piss, so it must be good.

Is it just me, or did #9's comment just soar over a majority of heads?

Dang 56 I dint know ya could laugh till ya vomit D:

lol yup it happens.. and it's sooo gross..


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mmmm sterol carol .. love pee .. *throws up*

87.. what the hell?

sry but need to comment jump. why am I the only one wondering why his mom was doing stand-up in his/her room

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haha #66 wow

oemgeezz 0

haha #66 wow

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actually pee will dehydrate you.

FireNinja 3

did you know, if you eat any fruit about 30 minutes or more before you pee, it will slightly taste like that fruit?

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collateral damage.

A necessary sacrifice.

Oh FYL OP If I found my sisters pee stain on my bed I'd be pretty pissed.... Hehehehe

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how sad for you

ImaWiseGuy 5

put some paper down....

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oh well. clean it up and get over it

No no no, have the sister clean it up an get over it.

you should have locked your door! fyl

A7X_LoVeee 10

Who locks their bedroom door..?

I know, I've never even had a bedroom lock :(

I lock my bedroom door if I have bud in my room. only because my little brother goes through my shit.

ori0324 1

atleast it wasnt other types of bodily fluid...

like....never mind.

wow that's awesome...

ifiFaLL 1

lolololololol id be super pissed if i found my sisters piss stain on my bed. id pull a scary movie 2 and shove her face in it

hahahahahahahahaha ah, I needed a good laugh. thank you.

ifiFaLL 1

baha ^_^

FMLsOhilarious 6

lmao. That's funny.

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Better than poo!

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Bear Grylls should date your sister.

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I see what you did there

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I agree....

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oh HAH i get that lol