By frankie034 - 06/05/2009 07:40 - Australia

Today, I was ordering some clothes from Abercrombie online and I went to measure my bust to check what size I am in American. I got my measurement, checked what size it would be and the size of my bust was not even listed on the website. Great. Now even Abercrombie thinks I have small tits. FML
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At least you'll still fit in their shirts. I have the exact opposite problem


Jazzball45 0

I Dont understand why you wouldnt be on the chart because Abercrombie runs supper small

You'd need a small supper to fit into their clothes though

well atleast your no **** will fit in one of there shirts my G-cups wont go near them

Abercrombie is the devil company. Don't buy their crap unless you're a stuck up snob. In this economy, they said that they don't want to offer any discounts on products because it would ruin their "image". I hope they get crushed by American Eagle and Aeropostale and the likes.

dr13 0

Wth? American eagle and aeropostale are pretty much the same thing as abercrombie, why would you want them to win?

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Dw you can do better than abercrombie