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Today, I asked my dermatologist why my acne has been getting worse, despite following her directions and spending hundreds of dollars on medicine. She just shrugged and told me they can't actually cure my acne. However, they can prescribe me a bunch of stuff and hope one works. FML
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Unfortunately that's the way some medical conditions work. We don't really understand them well, so our best hope is to throw the kitchen sink at them and hope something works. Now if only there were a prescription to cure stupidity.


don't touch your face during and after you're eating. always wash your hands. flip your pillow at night and keep your pillow sheets washed. keep your face clean and fresh every morning and before bed especially with a simple face wash/cream that has those little balls in them! if op you are a girl, theres specific makeup you can wear that won't affect your acne. if op is a boy, be confident. acne goes away sooner or later, don't spend your money

#42: That's all well and good, but most people with acne already do those things and it doesn't make much of a difference. (especially over-the-counter face wash. I don't know anybody who Op, have you ever tried a laser treatments or a chemical peel? It can be expensive (around $200 per treatment) and you need multiple treatments, but it got rid of my sister's acne for good (and she had severe acne - not those measly few spots you see in Proactiv commercials). IMO that's much better than taking all sorts of prescription medication on the off chance they might work. Make sure a reputable skin specialist or beautician does it, of course.

It's doctors in general that do that!! I went to general checkup to my doctor one time and she send me to some kind of specialist that didn't help me, but only gave something that may help. All they want is your money. -_-

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This is actually my FML I posted it from my iPod instead of my phone because I never thought it would actually get approved. To everyone who says its because I'm unhealthy or whatever I actually work out 4 timea a week so I don't think that's it. I also wash my face twice a day at morning and night, but it doesn't really do much. I've tried proactive and all that stuff, but my acne is hyperpigmentation instead of pimples which means my skin is smooth but has red dots from when I do get zits which really sucks. The dermatologist said time is the only thing that can really cure it so I haven't been back since.

66, it's rude to generalize doctors like that. They spend 10-13 years (Depends) in school only to be bitch slapped by disrespectful people like you. Anything in the medical field is pretty much hard. Yes, there are some doctors that are lazy, but don't go saying that all doctors are money-hungry. So give some respect. Thanks.

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Your hyperpigmentation IS treatable. Among the best solutions would be treatment with a pulse-dye laser or with a bleaching agent like hydroquinone. Time will definitely help but there are other options. I recommend calling around to dermatologist or a variety of cosmetic face surgeons to include plastic surgeons, ear-nose and throat, and oral surgeon offices. They will often have a pulse dye laser and bleaching agents. They can give you a medical opinion and offer treatment.

I think the reasoning behind the doctor not being able to cure is that the doctor can't fix the underlying issue that is causing OP's acme, possibly it is something in genetics. Curing means that you get rid of the root cause. The doctor is probably saying that they're trying to find a treatment, not a cure. A treatment would work on symptoms, acme, but it would not be affecting the underlying condition. There's not really a cure for the Common Cold, but there is treatment for the symptoms. Sneezing is a symptom, while the pathogen is the underlying issue.

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#83, if that's your post then where is your badge and your confirmed stat under your profile? Methinks I smell something gone afoul...... Are you saying you actually posted under a different account?

I think he was saying he posted it without his account, being that he never expected it to be approved, he just put a fun name on it instead of anonymous.

OP has to be Proactive and look for some cream.

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My lil brother had terrible acne. He tried everything then he tried proactiv He used proactiv for almost 3 years and it worked pretty well

Proactive is overly priced and usually only works on mild to medium acne issues. If you really want to target the issue, there's a six month anti-biotic treatment worth trying. Results are visible within the week and it should reach the root of the problem. This does however depend on your specific case.

83 - I'm not sure how severe your hyperpigmentation is, but I'll give you a suggestion anyways. I've had these gross red blemishes on the sides of my face ever since I was in middle school (I would pop my zits, then they'd scar). I just bought this stuff called "Neutrogena tone and repair moisturizer" and I use it on my face every day in the morning. I've used it for 5 days, and my scars are already beginning to lighten and the redness in the other parts of my face are gone. If your conditions isn't too severe it might work for you too. It's only 20.99 on their website, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so it couldn't hurt to try :)

94 Chill your **** I'm not the only one who had that happen to me!

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It's ok 83, I have the same thing. Ever try Witch Hazel, it works really well for cleaning out your pores preventing pimples, I use it on a daily basis. I also have sensitive skin, it's hard to find a lotion that works, but one that does well is Aveeno baby Eczema therapy.

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Try dandruff shampoo. The zinc really helps!

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He found it out from his talking, asshole, know-it-all, condescending computer.

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I honestly think all the scrubs and medication might make it worse. For me it did at least. Maybe my head and shoulders does the trick, as I always wash my beard with it.

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Honey is a quick fix. Dab a drop on and cover with a bandaid. It works overnight. The sugar in it kills the bacteria

I've been using Clinique, it's AMAZING. I used to have a lot of pimples, but I only get a few's the 3 step solution. First you wash your face with the stuff they give you, then you dry your face and get a cotton ball put the purple liquefied exfoliator on gently rub then finally you put on moisturizer. They have the same thing for every skin type. Dry, oily, combination..etc.

I use my Word of Power against the acne. I step in front of mirror and shout FUS-PRO-ACTIV It gets the job done.

and the coal tar burns your face off.

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Sometimes all you need to use is water...

adding to what #70 said.. put honey on a half sliced lemon (on the juice part) and rub onto your face and leave it for 5-10 mins and rinse with cold water...this is also good for dark spots/scars and it begins working right away

"the acne prescription" by Dr.Nicholas Perricone helped me a lot.

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Welcome to the real world of prescription medicine. Where the treatments are made-up and the consumers don't matter.

Oh, here we go. Another "big pharma is only after your money" conspiracy theorist idiot. Guess what? Prescription medicines have cured several diseases, and they can control countless others. We know exactly how and why they work. They may be expensive, but billions are spent on R&D, so that research money has to be recouped somehow.

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Now how did I know you'd comment on this?

Because you knew you were wrong. I can't think of another reason.

14, big pharma/gov regulation can still be crappy. and 3s comment was funny. its gonna be ok

Buckeyed - You'll have to excuse me if I don't find it humourous when people wrongly and stupidly insult the entire pharmaceutical industry because THEY don't understand how it works.

DocBastard is correct. It takes around 20 years for a drug to be approved. Out of millions of potential drugs which are tested, only one may be approved. Through that all, medicinal chemists have to research the pharmacokinetics of the drug, and make sure that the benefits are worth the side effects. Even compounds with the exact same molecular composition can have incredibly different effects based on the different orientations of the molecule. The research and dedication involved is extensive and expensive.

its a whose line reference...big pharmas done a lot of amazing things no doubt, but there are still issues. the original comment is lighthearted and broad for the sake of humor. i get where youre coming from but its okay, man. just keep em informed

25- i hope you realize im not disgreeing. ive a ton of medical issues myself and can appreciate the process.

Pharm tech here - I approve this thread.

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Many prescription drugs do work, while many others don't. It also depends a lot on the patient. I was on some pills for five years for a condition I have, and it kept it well under control and really worked for me. However, my doctor changed my medicine, and I so happened to be one of the 25% it doesn't work on. It depends on your doctor too.

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Buckeyed has the right attitude when it comes to reading my comment. It was intended to be humorous. However, calling me an idiot conspiracy theorist is a little over the top. If you really think I'm insulting the entire prescription drug industry by making a joke on a FML, you might need to prescribe yourself some chill pills there, doc. Side effects may include: Not being butt-hurt over a joke, increased awareness of humorous references, not being condescending over any or many jokes, not giving a shit, and anal leakage.

And there it is. I knew it was coming - the "It was only sarcasm!" defense. Congratulations, you're a walking, talking cliche.

All I thought of when I saw this was Whose line is it anyway...

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There would be no need for defense if there wasn't an unnecessary assault to begin with. Also I'm confined to a wheelchair and a mute.

Well of course pharmaceutical companys wont sell you snake oil. Not only would that be illegal, they also don't need to because they are able to develop pills which actually work. But they will put pink sprikles on them, if that makes you buy them for twice the price. Why? Because they are companys and that is what companys do, they try to earn money.

Scrubbing makes it worse! I just went to the dermatologist yesterday and she said that it opens pores and it gets filled with bacteria.

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I agree, ain't nobody got time for doctors.

How about getting a second opinion, instead? A fresh set of medical eyes on a thorny problem sometimes helps.

Unfortunately that's the way some medical conditions work. We don't really understand them well, so our best hope is to throw the kitchen sink at them and hope something works. Now if only there were a prescription to cure stupidity.

Doc, do you have any helpful information on fibromyalgia? :(

There is a cure for stupidity. It's illegal tho.

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#5, I don't see anything that even treats stupidity, let alone cure it. You comment reminds me of a little sign I once saw: Ignorance is curable. Stupidity is not.

Perdix, I think the adorable puppy was referring to a loaded shot gun, which is an extremely effective cure for stupidity, but, alas, illegal.

I always said that if I became a doctor I would be a Dermatologist:: There really are no "skin emergencies, so the on-call is a breeze. People don't die from bad skin, so you have patients for decades. They live long enough to reproduce and have children with bad skin. Job security!

Actually, not true! I had a friend almost die from eythrodermic psoriasis. I had no clue a skin condition could be an emergency until then.

I think you should stop going to her before she makes you go broke

Ask to go onto antibiotics for them. Worked for me and my kids.

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toothpaste works well for me! but not tarter control for some reason. if I get a spot, I'll dab a bit on it, and its gone in the morning. its a pagent girl trick that actually works.

You can't ask for samples before paying for a prescription? My doctor is great when it comes to that. My sister is like that. She still breaks out no matter what she's tried on the market. She cries and it's heartbreaking. ):

Maybe try zinc tablets, increase essential fatty acids such as fish oil, krill oil or flaxseed oil. Topically she needs vitc, retinol, niacinamide and not just department stores or supermarket brands professional brands that are prescribed by a professional. Treatments that would work best for her would be L.E.D. As for the FML the dermatologist is an idiot. And P.S say no to accutane if you can help it!

Also forgot to add glycolic and salicylic are effective as well. Acne skins suffer dehydration also so glycolic will help exfoliate but hydrate as well. Salicylic works deeper and helps kill acne causing bacteria.

#36 thank-you for taking your time to reply to me. I always appreciate those that are helpful.(: but I promise you, what everyone on here is suggesting has been done. She is now trying a vegan/organic diet which she swears is helping (a little). She even checked to see if it was a hormone imbalance. Etc.... Everyone is different and not everyone's body responses the same way. Trail and error is all she's got left. :P Btw I personally love flaxseed oil.(:

Isotretinoin (Accutane) is what finally got rid of my awful acne. I had a good experience with it.

I second Accutane. It's like the atomic bomb of acne treatments. It works swimmingly.

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i would recommend trying natural remedies, you're not going to be sure if it works but at least you're not paying tons of money for the same uncertainties with the prescriptions!

Also you would avoid numerous chemicals by going natural.

try Murad. it works for me, good luck!