By Anonymous - 07/11/2010 20:15 - Canada

Today, my sixteen year old son told me that he's following his guidance counselor's advice: to do what his hero does for a living. The problem? His hero is SpongeBob Squarepants. His ambition in life is to become a fry cook. FML
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Maybe he wants to be a chef. No harm in that...

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What's wrong with that?


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What's wrong with that?

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Its bad because Mr. Krabs doesn't pay well.

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mr "krabs" who lives in "bikini bottom" with "sandy cheeks" doesn't pay well. spongebob is actually a really funny tv show. also spongebobeeshia the number 18 most ghetto name is also funny.

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the best one is fri'chickenisha

YDI for raising... that.

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you are 16... you just don't get it. "fry cook" is not a career.

big deal! my hero is captain planet, and when i grow up i want to fight with the planeteers against all those eco vilians!

Captain Planet? My hero is Luigi. When I grow up, I'm gonna kill evil turtles for a living, and eat shrooms all day. Top that.

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yeah, fry cook.... under the sea! That's beyond awesome.

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#14 looks like justin beiber, just saying. my hero's arthur currie

Just the hair not the face

my hero is chuck norris did you hear that he played russian roulette with a fully loaded gun and won?

i believe he looks more like Shane from the tv show Weeds :)

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spongebob's fml-today, i learned some 16 year old wants to be like me. FML

Maybe he wants to be a chef. No harm in that...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure culinary school counts as college. I personally have a degree in Pastry Arts.

#31 Oh, what?! I totally do too!

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im pretty sure the dude wants to be a fry cook at mcdonalds. people do that for a living but u dun see them complain.

But.. SpongeBob Squarepants is AWESOME! I'm gonna do the same.

Yep, he's a fruitcake. But I guess it's better than aspiring to work at BK or McD for a living.

#4 So because he wants to cook for a living, that automatically means he's gay? Oh boy...

fruit cake means crazy, nuttier than a fruit cake

#24 Ohhh. I must have confused that with the term "fruity." Whoops!

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Spongebob is still gay. He laughs like a little girl and he's in love with Patrick.

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But Spongebob works at a fastfood restaurant. OP's son IS aspiring for BK or something. Be proud, OP.. With his mental capacity his hero could be... Patrick. Unfortunately, thats the only thing worse than Spongebob. At least he wants to be a fry cook, not a talking Sponge. But, i'll be honest here... You deserve it for dropping him on his head and/or raising someone like this. It's bad enough he loves that show(no offense to fans, but it's a brain rotter of the lowest kind), but he made Spongebob his hero.. You raised a loser. Take away his television privileges, make him read(start with Clifford books, though, don't wanna kill him), and restrict his computer to homework and pornography.

thanks 55. I was beginning to lose the tiny amount of faith I had left for American youth.

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Not everyone wants to be rich, some people are content with doing what they love and living check-by-check. If that makes him happy, then so be it. Plus, he might end up being a great chef one day.

Only crazy people don't want to be rich.

I think happiness is more important than the money

Does that mean he wants to live in a pineapple?

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I'd be so jealous of his house.

Under The Sea.?

Let him. it's his choice, he'll change it when he gets older anyways.

Don't worry; your kid is just a stoner. Encourage him to watch cartoons with better jobs.

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American Dad!

Just make sure he doesn't go into the water and drown looking for Spongebob like that kid did a few years ago.

Dude, seriously? Just when you think kids can't get any dumber....

I think that was fake...

I will beat him with my spatula fr being pathetically stupid!!