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Today, my son's homework was to write a story about what he wants to be when he grows up. He wrote that he plans on being unemployed and living at home until we throw him out, then he'll live under a bridge. He's only 12, but already planning for a future as an unemployed bum. FML
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Someone's read about trolls a bit too much

kikibrowm 7

Ambitious much? Don't worry, 12-years olds think they're simply amazing, and he probably thought it was hilarious.


Someone's read about trolls a bit too much

Your son definitely has his priorities in line!

asoptavlo14 6

Well at least he has things planned out, and he hasn't been paying attention to trolls..? Random haha

alex6946 10

hehe your picture is funny :)

and the kid said he wanted to live under a bridge

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Dang it, I didn't read the other comments so my comment is about a troll also.

flockz 19

op should stop letting her son watch the news and maybe he would stop thinking about unemployment.

it's not trolls. he prob wrote that to b funny

enonymous 8

He's reaching... all the good bridges are taken. IF He's lucky he will get a refrigerator box in the wettest part of town and will have at least 3 mortgages on that box. Us senior retirement bums with the "Vietnam Vet" and "Why lie? it's for beer" signs have first dibs on those under bridge properties.

it was just a joke. when i was 12 i wanted to be known as the ejaculator. btw im kidding but dont worry kids say stupid stuff

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He is 12! He wrote it in order to be funny.

And you're going to let him live his life unemployed?! As his Mum you should be supporting him & helping him with his future!

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#4 i thought wrong . im sorry

PDeffinP 0

maybe he will grow up and be a comedian

93- Or a bum under a bridge, like in his plans.

great FML reference. ur my new favorite fmler

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The son was likely joking, and being a brat.

Veraymix 6

At least he's being realistic, there's always the possibility.

tjv3 10

please use this as a warning and a wake up call for an intervention in his life. Get the boy into a character building organization like the boy scouts

Obviously the kid was kidding. You should be glad that your kid is funny.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

So, I'm scheduling an appointment for your son with Mr. Boners. He too had a goal to be a homeless person. That goal has been achieved.

let da boy creep on dem wemen n buss off on dem in da alle's...

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

149- the boy scouts do not build character, it's really retarded, just buy the damn kid some beer and a 2 story refrigerator box!

more like fhl, you as a mother is a terrible ******* influence on your poor son. what do u do to him? force him to admire hobos (HOmeless BOyboys), get slutty with his 12 year old classmates, and do all the drugs out there?!? it's like 'son, I want you to experience the world so here's a handful of pills to go blow off that steam from the hardships of elementary school. Oh, and don't forget to share! sharrrrring is good!!'

So just because a kid says something stupid as a joke, he has a bad parent? if I stood up in the middle of a 4 way intersection and yelled **** THE POLICE as a joke (not gonna happen) that automatically means my parents condone violence and drug use?

zendaddy0 0

at least he's not like the other 500 kids who are apparently going to be president at the same time

This. Be proud of your pint-sized smartass.

relax OP, he just wants to fall in your footsteps

eminemchick 19

Well he's being realistic. but he should have more hopes cuz hes young. xD remember that one kid in the class that was like "Im gonna be president!"?

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, not everybody can be successful...

81 yeah but hoping that you're no isn't helpful. -Mr.SassyPants

Oh, it's amazing how one letter can make a world of difference.

when i first read your username i thought it said "mrs. assy-pants"

150 I know... I know. I try to out my signature at the end for people would know but... I don't know where I'm going with this, whatever.

thats sad :( i hope someone motivates him into trying hard and being successful!

Maybe he becomes a successful unemployed?

Yeah, true. There is only one person that I know of who could be a bad student, live with his parents until they kick him out, be unemployed while living underneath a bridge, and still turn out to eventually be a gigantic success no one could have imagined. And a highly doubt that the dumbass in OP's FML will be the next Kurt Cobain.

or maybe he'll become that hobo that chases you for 6 city blocks with a knife!

msl1333 4

oh come on he was just trying to be funny. when I was his age we were supposed to do one of those "dress up like what you want to be" days; I dressed up like a bum and went around all day begging for change in school (from which I made around $10). now I'm going to medical school. he's going through a wise-ass phase. it happens to all the good kids.

KatrinaKitten 16

lol you have a mustache..that sure is attractive.

KatrinaKitten; how about you stop being a bitch? She didn't ask for your stuck up opinion on her, so don't give it.

well actually shes right, she has a moustache

enonymous 8

There is only one way to solve this... Jello Wrestling match to the death. There can only be one...

no sh*t iluvnba, now continue with the cat fight :)

40 actually I you notice not all of people on here ask for an opinion for other people to give it. Also it's not an opinion, sadly, it's a fact.

sourgirl101 28

70, is that a kinkier version on "Highlander"? Jello instead of swords?

I don't care whether she has a mustache or not, people don't need to be bitches for no reason.

AnimalLover1031 8

Agreed with Jess , people these days have nothing better to do.

I agree with Jess too. Katrina needs to get a life she might "not like people" but there's no need to be a bitch but I'm sure it makes Katrina feel confident so whatever helps her sleep at night. people these days.

102 well they are basically just doing the same as you which is commenting. I'm not fighting for trolls but just saying if you say they have nothing better to do then you commenting is suing the same thing. They're just being mean while commenting. Ironically, I am actually just commenting because I have nothing better to do. 8)

AnimalLover1031 8

You have a point ^_^. All Im saying is people here can be so rude and speak or type things with out realizing .

113 yuppies! Also I randomly said suing because of auto-correct but just ignore that. 8)

AnimalLover1031 8

116 I don't know how to reply but I don't want to be rude and leave you with no message even though I probably eventually am. I didn't want to put a smiley face and have a smiley face contest. 8) Also if OP somehow reads this, hopefully you help you kid improve. Meow! (=^_^=)

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don't worry, I'd still shtupp ya'

um did her profile pic get moderated? :/

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Don't underestimate twelve year olds. They're all over the internet now, y'know.

kikibrowm 7

Ambitious much? Don't worry, 12-years olds think they're simply amazing, and he probably thought it was hilarious.

Yeah OP don't sweat it - he probably thinks he's even funnier because you're freaking out about it.

I'm 20 and still think that it is hilarious...

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :p

Grammar_Nazi101 0

What apple? And what tree?! So confusing...

Newtons apple of course, but 147 doesn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation

alex6946 10

well at least he has his life planned out..even though it doesnt include a job..

Laughing_Cow 0

I'm 12 and I want to be an architect

Laughing_Cow 0

Hmmmm people who waste time trying to put down random strangers must really not have a life at all

lmaoatall 6

unless they're on your front porch "relentlessly" takeing a crap.

77 actually he is referencing another FML. 71 or chasing him down the street with a knife. I also I just notice I usually reference other FML's that deal with knifes. :/ DUN DUN DUUUUNNN!

Let's just hope he isn't a druggie as well.

lovinit5683 0

Live under a bridge? Is he trying to be a troll to stop the goats from passing? Haha, and what have you been letting him watch and do?

This is why children shouldn't be allowed to watch Dora:)