By Problem - 07/11/2010 20:34 - United States

Today, my manager informed me that I will not be completing my job training because I'll be transferring to a different store, and if they want me to work there, that's their problem. Today, I also found out that the new store will not accept me as a transfer unless I've already been trained. FML
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this reminds me of when i was transferred from my lolly shop i worked at to willy wonka's choclate factory, we went on a wild adventure and i met oompa-loompa's and ate all the choclate you could dream of. it was awesome!!!

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welcome to the world of corporate bullshit!

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Maybe they just didn't want to hire you anymore. lol

Boy am I glad someone got this. For all the people reading this thinking, "Who the hell is Joseph Heller?" just google him. You'll figure it out. Maby. That last one was for ImaginaryFoe.

Nice literary reference. Oh, and LOL at "maby"!

Doc, I love all your comments. This one made my day, though.

#10 I think you're breasts are pertruding your shirt. That is all.

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Hahaha, they clearly want you gone? FYL.

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awww :( you don't need them. you'll find a new job... might not be easy but good luck :)

Ahh, the joys of working for a corporation. Miscommunication and poor management.

Clearly, it's their problem. Tell them to talk to each other. They're the ones being paid as managers - let them manage something.

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this is def not worth going to court for. and what would she sue for? hmmmm