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By Anonymous - 13/04/2020 08:00

Today, I accidentally stumbled on a method of getting my job done in about a third of the time, so my boss made it mandatory for all employees. Unfortunately, my coworkers now can't slack off pretending jobs take 2-3 hours, and their constant petty revenge bullying is driving me mad. FML
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mccuish 25

They shouldn’t be slacking off anyway

"No good deed ever goes unpunished...."


mccuish 25

They shouldn’t be slacking off anyway

"No good deed ever goes unpunished...."

People are there to work not piss about. You did good!

You painted yourself out of a job, and then you ruined it for everyone else. Did you get triple the pay for doing triple the work? I didn't think so. You should have done the job your new way, then use the remaining time to get really good at FreeCell.

I feel like when you say accidental as in your boss caught you doing it faster As in you didn’t intentionally go to him showing him your method of doing your work As a person in manufacturing it’s pretty much our jobs to be as efficient as possible or the company may not survive Any who goofing off for a little bit isn’t bad but hours that’s just ridiculous

Sorry you're getting bullied at work. It sucks, and if you brought it up, I can see where you didn't have any foresight into what it would entail. Usually you just keep that info to yourself unless you're extremely overloaded and the new way makes it so you actually have TIME during the day (Not having to work off hours) to complete things that need to be. It's a win/lose situation depending on what it is. You and your coworkers are there to do a certain job, and if it were your company and someone saved you hours by each person? You'd be extremely thankful. I hope your company respects you. :)

Why in the world would you do a job faster?. If they tell you to go grab a box, walk a mile to the box tearing approved spot then come back and take another box and repeat, why would you go against that?!

We call people like you a "Kollegenschwein" in Germany (Kollege = Colleague/Coworker + Schwein = Pig). Why make life harder for other people?!

lifeis4me 20

If it makes the job quick, I don’t know why they’re upset. Quick generally means easier

WistayShlaio82 13

Sounds unprofessional that your boss mentioned that it was you in the first place that made it this way. Your boss sounds young mentally