By GT716 - United States
Today, I was at work at a local hot dog chain. A child (about 10, who I've seen there before) came in to order food for his Dad. He orders very excitedly, and I told him he'd be a great worker here when he gets older. He said "oh no, my Dad says I'm too smart to work in a place like this." FML
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By  onigiriqueen  |  0

Yeah, definitely DON'T feel bad about working crappy jobs, because usually they're young kids trying to work through college, which is very smart (uhm, hello, little to no debt? That's definitely a winner in my book!) and I commend those who are.

However, if you're working there full time (or even part time) and you're not going to school or have to plans to go... yeah, you should reconsider that.

By  shehzeenahmed  |  0

not really that big of an FML. he didn't really straight up call you dumb or anything. not that big of an insult, really. I think it's great that his dad is encouraging him to be all that he can be.

so many FMLs have been about this lately. there's nothing wrong with having a fast food job.