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Today, I got an angry call from my 7-year-old son's school. It turned out that while doing a "what I want to be when I'm older" assignment, he wrote that he wants to be an internet troll so he can make people mad and make them kill themselves. FML
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Sounds like you need to have a bit of a talk about compassion...


Even at seven you should know that wanting to make people kill themselves is a bad thing.

#67 it's a bad thing yet trolls do it all the time. *whispers* in case you didn't know, there trolls here too

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there are* I don't think people actually kill themselves because of an annoying person online. He wouldn't get his wish anyway.

79, tell that to all the kids who have committed suicide because of cyber bullying.

79, i'd link you the statistics if I could.

I know cyber bullying is a big deal but sometimes I don't get why they don't just walk away from the computer

Have you been cyber bullied? Most of the time it carries into the real world. Especially when you go to a school. If someone from your school is cyber bullying you, then people at your school find out and it causes even bigger problems when you go there every day for 6 1/2 hours straight

#115 I understand that, I think it is that it is also on the mobiles, ipads etc. and cyberbullying isn't just nasty emails or messages. It is also videos of you spread online to others like wildfire, nasty websites about you shared, and pictures shared around the school. There is blackmailing using pictures, or details they have found about you online like your address and they say they know everything about you. You can't always walk away from it. And the other fact is there is someone anonymous who is actively doing that to you. They say stuff like 'we're gonna get you, we are watching you' and you have to be on guard all the time. It is the same as someone bullying you in person, you still have that threat. You can't just forget about it when you are away from the computer/get home from school.

speaking of cyberbullying who wants to see the embarassing picture of one of my friends jk I wont do that.

They do when they get bullied by trolls

No way. The only person physically disciplining my kid is me and only me.

But nowa days even you can't do that with out it being called child abuse

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Do it anyway and who cares who calls it child abuse. Our parents and grandparents got switched and paddled and they aren't emotionally scarred. There's a difference between abuse and discipline and the bleeding hearts don't get that.

There a huge difference between abuse and between discipline. There's an author I like who writes profiles on true crime and she's so anti-corporal punishment it's unreal. Punching your kid: Abuse. Swatting your child on the bottom with your hand: Discipline. She doesn't get that.

I don't think the kid needs to be beaten, he needs to be talked to. Which is exactly what they're doing. He's 7, so I doubt that his comment was made out of malice, but rather ignorance.

I think the kid needs more serious help than just a talking to. Even at 7 I knew this shit wasn't ok. The kid probably needs to be seen by a counselor or some other mental health professional.

What we really need to bring back is good parenting...

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what heppen to the old school playing out side lol

"When I grow up I want to play outside like my dad."

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#28 you made my day. My grandpa just knocked on the door asking what I'm laughing at in the bathroom

Sounds like you need to have a bit of a talk about compassion...

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Most young kids I know have access to the internet, particularly YouTube. Parents don't really put parental controls so the kids watch and read the comments.

haha YouTube comment is a land of war. If you put a comment there, be ready for backfiring comments.

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I was going to say the same thing

Yeah, depending on what's actually said anyway.

He's so young that I think he must have actually heard people talking about a troll in the news who did that.

did anybody realize that he just asked the troll under the bridge down the road?

Call of Booty! Like OMG 360noscope420blazeit you scrub!!

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Quite a charming little boy isn't he

I really hope you talked to him and explained why that's such an awful thing.

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why? trolls are awesome. But suicide isn't. No really, anyyon who reads this don't kys!

7 year olds should not be talking to people on the internet

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Don't worry, it was a plan for the future.

Agreed, for their good, their parent's good, and everyone who has to listen to their squeaky high voice over voice chat.

"OHMYGOD, HE'S RIGHT OVER THERE! HE'S COMING! HE SHOT OFF MY TRACK-" Mutha fuggin' mute button. Got-damn squeakers shittin' up my World of Tanks... Get off my lawn!

Psychology treatment is what your son needs.

I hate to be thst guy , but... Psychological would fit better

You shouldn't allow a 7 year old on the internet. That kid is ruined.

When I was a kid I discovered internet through computer classes at school, and I thought Internet Explorer was the internet itself for a long time. What happened to "What the hell is Firefox?" or "If 'internet' starts with 'i', why is the logo an 'e'?" My sister is eight and already has an effing tablet. Kids are evolving.

My seven year old is allowed on the internet. she is only allowed to use my laptop, she has to ask first, and I have so many parental controls set that she can only use certain apps, go to certain sites and it will kick her off after a certain amount of time. My 12 year old has the same (age appropriate) guidelines. I don't think either of them know what an Internet troll is. What they do know is that I will kick @$$ if I find out they are even considering bullying anyone! They have been taught to seek out the people who are bullied and try to befriend or at least be nice to them. I always tell them they have no idea what is going on in that bullied kids (or the bully themselves!) life and that they can be anything they want except a bully. We've dealt with close family suicides and I won't tolerate bullying.