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By clumsy - 26/11/2015 05:35 - United States - Warrenton

Today, I realized why "Stay off the grass" signs were all over campus. I cut through the grass on my way to my next class and tripped over a sprinkler head, breaking it off and soaking myself in muddy water. I had to sit through a 4-hour lecture with wet, muddy clothes. FML
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There's a reason that sign is there. YDI

YDI. There was a clear warning and you chose to ignore it.


There's a reason that sign is there. YDI

Ikr?! Did OP just think they were there for the hell of it? Cause some gardener was bored?

"Meh, I think I'm going to be an ass today and put up a few signs" - Dick the Gardener

If you've ever been a student and haven't at least once ignored a 'don't walk on the grass' sign you need to go back and do it again because you haven't studented properly. That stage of your life is all about taking risks and disregarding authority in small, harmless ways.

"studented properly" ..... I think you may have not studented properly.

I made a new word. If Shakespeare can do it so can I.

Hopefully you didn't sprinkle the rest of the class too.

that sucks, hopefully next time you'll watch your step.... doubt that the signs where there because of the sprinklers? unless they were freshly installed... better luck next time op!

True, there could be multiple reasons why that sign exists. But the bottom line is, it was there. OP 100% deserved this. I really hope there isn't a next time.

They were probably more likely there either because the grass had recently been watered and thus the school didn't want to be liable for a student slipping and getting hurt, or the grass had recently been fertilized. Either way the signs were there and OP should have obeyed them. I just hope OP will be responsible enough to tell the school about the broken sprinkler.

well atleast now you know to stay off the grass

Water you thinking, OP? You deserved this one, sorry to rain on your parade.

At least OP didn't drop out over this- it was on their head, after all. I bet the trip to class was a real mess.

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trust you had a watery class...

YDI. There was a clear warning and you chose to ignore it.

If there was no sign I'd be sympathetic, but you blatantly ignored an actual sign. You deserved it OP. Next time, don't be one of those "the sign doesn't apply to me" people.

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Like the signs at stores that say to not sit on the tables covered in clothes but people still sit on them and even drop all the clothes on the floor? yeah hate when people do that

Like people who ignore wet floor signs and then slip into them.

The fact that there was a sign there & you chose to ignore it you should of at least thought to look at the grass to see why the signs were there.

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Four hour lecture? FYL. Sorry bout your clothes mate

You should have listened to the signs... sorry, but you deserve this one.