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Today, my sister presented me with an "official pet killer" award after yet another goldfish under my care died of unknown causes. FML
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I killed six goldfish when I was younger. I think I fed them too much.

alright @71 a goldfish lifespan is definitly not 6 months where the hell u get that from?


I killed six goldfish when I was younger. I think I fed them too much.

I killed all mine, because I changed their water everyday with clean fresh water from the faucet. Apparently the high chlorine content from the water killed them, which i had no idea at the time.

Hey guess what everyone, goldfish can't live in bowls!

@24 Sure they can, for limited amounts of time.

I cried when my fishy died :,(

I killed over eight… I had an addiction with goldfish when I was younger, now I'm banned from owning them…

I had 2 fish when I was little. Now, I can't even remember why the hell I got them. You can't touch them, teach them, or interact with them in any way other than looking. Add to that the fact that the average lifespan of a goldfish is somewhere around 6 months. :l

Two beta fish of mine committed suicide. One jump from the bowl and suffocated. The other one actually ran away, vanished... most likely fed himself to the mice.

I bet your sister killed the fish..just saying.

alright @71 a goldfish lifespan is definitly not 6 months where the hell u get that from?

I ate all my fish!! YUM!!! (•_•)

94 that goes so well with your pic. :D

Well, gee', Katie, aren't you smart?

we gave our fish a funeral :'(

41- I think 24 was talking about the general fish bowls. Gold fish need at least 10 gallons of water to live in

My mother's had a a regular goldfish she bought from wal mart, since I was 12. I'm over 20 now. The fish is still alive and kicking . Goldy will kill any fish that's introduced into her tank as well. It's hilarious.

I won 2 goldfish from the carnival before and they lived 5 years :) lol

when I was 6 I got an egg from my grandmas bird cage and threw it against the wall because I though it would bounce back. (•_•)

the oldest goldfish life span that was ever recorded was 20 something years. it's name was Fred. look it up.

I just looked it up. Actually the oldest goldfish lived to be 43. It was even recorded in the guiness book of world records. It's name was Tish.

i won a fish at the fair too ! except it only lived a day because it were those 68 cent fish or whatever 

I over fed my fish too, safe to say I didn't take it to well :'(

are you sure someones not just secretly replacing it everytime one dies lol

last comment @ 127 lol

Actually yes, you can teach goldfish tricks and their lifespan is about 20 years.

I had a huge tank of at least 20 fish. my cousins fed them twinkles and they all died. :(

At least he is swimming with the ( other) fishes now...

Ain't that bad. My dads had numerous fish and 3 birds. I think the luckiest one survived for 2 months

poor fish. poor you for getting fish that die though

bow chicka wow wow

fish can live for several years, too bad op's fish didn't get to see the brighter side of life o,0

that's how goldfish are

Everyone who owned a goldfish would be a goldfish killer then because those things live for the shortest amount of time

fish sucks

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Haha, do you bury them in the back yard? Or in the "Semetary" cause ask Stephen King, that's not gonna work.

I put quotes around it because thats how the children in the book spelled it and hence why it was deliberately misspelled in the title. Literary reference, not typo.

Actually, #6 is right. It is "Sematary." Next time use google to actually find out Stephen Kings book/movie was called "Pet SEMATARY."

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I loved that book. Creepy as hell.

stephen king is one of my favorite authors! has anyone seen the movie?

yeah. it's okay.

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who is stephen king?

who is stephen king?

Miss* At least give her a proper orientation greeting :/

haha, that movie is so jacked.

"known reasons" really??

Hi! I'm the currently active representative for "What the Fuck are You Talking About Inc." today. So what about it? Who even said "known reasons"?

even I don't know what I'm talking about, that's what happens to people when every pet they get die within weeks of purchase :(

The op did! Taking shit out of context FTW! #7 will make a great politician!

Yes, but "...known causes" is still in the post, just cutting out a part of the word...

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