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  doodlecloud  |  26

I'm not actually sure it is. What age can a child be young enough to not understand that but old enough to get the fish out of the bowl without anyone watching? Even two years olds I work with know that fish live in water. They see it in books, tv, ponds, everywhere. It's the one thing they DO know about fish. (they might still try and pick it up out of curiosity but they probably wouldn't give the excuse of it needing air) And as two year olds shouldn't really be left alone with open fish bowls...I can't see an age where this isn't someone's fault.

By  ksks1234  |  33

It depends on how old your little brother is. If he is a small kid (5 and under) it is your fault for not stopping him/ watching him more closely. If he is older, I am sorry your brother is a moron.