Suspicious coincidence?

By Confused - 20/05/2023 15:00

Today, my wife had our first child. He's identical to her coworker. FML
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DNA and STD testing if you're that suspicious...?


DNA and STD testing if you're that suspicious...?

Your wife works with a talking baby? Everyone tells me the E-Trade babies are CG fakes, but I've always known they are real! Vindication!!!

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Looks can be deceiving...but just in case get a paternity test and if you're not the father... Leave her high and dry.

DNA is weird, and sexual reproduction is MEANT to recombine DNA into new and interesting fashions--and there's only so many ways you can rearrange a human face. She's probably not cheating, it's just the Gods of Chaos coming dancing into your life naked wearing tea cozies on their heads to whack you upside the head with the Rubber Chickens of WTF.