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Today, I excitedly showed my new roommate my pet fish. She then told me about how she purposely starved her last fish to see how long it would take before they started eating each other before starving to death. FML
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Your roommate is a psycho watch crminal minds animal cruelty is step one

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Your roommate is a psycho watch crminal minds animal cruelty is step one

Survival of the fittest? It's part of nature.

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Did she put your cat in the washing machine yet?

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..just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Tonight on Celebrity Fish Death Match....

OP hide your fish. hide yourself. Cause she's starving everything out there.

Get the **** out. Soon, they'll start poisoning you to "purposely see how long you live."

Mice do that, if there's no food they'll eat each other

@13 In the wild yes but if they are you pets, them you have to take care of them. Dumb bitch

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She's just a slightly crazed experimenter. I advise you to watch your step around her.

36 - I can hear the beat of this song while I read your comment

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Your roommate sounds like a messed up b#%@$

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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo fish...sorry, got caught up in the singing. I'm white & nerdy.

50- I was kidding. Don't get your panties in a twist.

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True, I started by being cruel to humans to be specific. I wish OP's flatmate would have been my mate. She sounds so interesting.

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Shes gonna grow up to be one of the people that sets animals on fire while theyre still alive...if she doesnt do that already

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@14: the roommate reference!!

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2 - It took me about 3 times reading your sentence to understand it. Punctuation is our friend. :P

Nows the time u take out the ole gun u keep and do some dirty work

Nows the time you take out that old shotgun of yours and do some dirty work :D

what is she like the mike vick of fish.

I was going to write another comment but I was mezmerised by how colourful 16's picture is

That's actually really disturbing. Most of the fish I've had would ignore some great, available fish food and eat the other fish without a second thought, cruel bitches.

I wonder what's next on her crazy experiment list. "I wonder what will happen if I smash my roommates skull with a rock"

50- they're /fish/. Nobodys gonna call the animal rights people over two goldfish.

OP, as long as you make sure you feed it daily, it should be fine.

omg!!! I agree watch criminal minds!! that's Scary and creepy!!!

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I looooove criminal minds! When I'm at parks, I now always take a friend with me to park restrooms so she can watch out for psycho sadists while I pee. Always use the buddy system!

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yes but u see that only works when they can find food on their own. not when u put them in a bowl with no food and do it on purpose...

Oh yea, 165. My fish would followed another pregnant fish and eat the new fries at they came out. Took me a while to learn to pick out the pregnant ones early and isolate them.

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I'm actually curious too... How long would it take? I would never do that to my fish, but the thought is interesting.

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The fish at walmart kill each other all the time. ******* cannibals...

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the sex slaves in my basement eat each other all the time as well. pain in the ass to clean up.

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What is wrong with you? That's sick.

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"hey there delilah i think dd thinks your a sick, shallow repulsive human being for even considering sticking two of God's creatures in a bowl to fight to the death with intent of devouring each other." but i'm pro-cannibalism so do what you please.

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@7- Kudos for using the correct "you're". Yeah I know you forgot the full stop but I will let that slide. I love being a prick.

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#4 Your sick, I like it, lol.

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I am not a PETA member, nor an eco terrorist. But that is just plane cruel and evil to do to any of God's creation.

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7 - perhaps, but that was funny

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Now that you metion it, i'm kinda curious too...

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52 - Only if you ask the workers there that you want to buy some small fishes and then wait until they leave to release them into the tank that holds the larger fishes.

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Thinking them as God's creations is far worse than being a PETA member.

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I had a Beta fish and it ate all the other fish. You could see holes through the fish.

yomommma 6

I had a Beta fish and it ate all the other fish. You could see holes through the fish.

yomommma 6

I had a Beta fish and it all the other fish. You could see holes through the dead fish.

yomommma 6

I had a Beta fish that ate my fish. You could see holea through the dead fishes.

For my sisters 2 goldfish it took 3 nights. One ate the other to the bone. A day later it started spasming and died.

Well it took about two weeks for our fish to starve to death after eating each other but we had a lot, probably about a week or so for her

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Watch out. She can eat your fish

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there's nothing wrong with eating her "fish"...

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He never saw it coming, that one day he'd grow up to be sushi, poor nemo r.i.p

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fail of a roomate for sure...

Ohh really because I was under the impression that OP's roommate would be so nice to the fish ( I'm being sarcastic for any noobs that can't understand)

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your comment was so sarcastic that there was no need to say it was sarcastic you n00b.

You'd be surprised how many people would think I wad serious.

flockz 19

no i understand what you mean. you can really tell how many people dont know you're being sarcastic by the amount of times you get thumbed down. like this one time 57 people actually thought i ****** a bear with a cactus once.... i mean really?

37-R U Retarted!? OP'S roomy is a fackin FISH kiler! If she waz left wit 1, sheD be kilin it!!!!!

89 maybe the reason you got thumbed down 57 times had less to do with the fact that they actually believed you ****** a bear with a cactus and more to do with the fact that your comment sucked...

Yes, flockz. Take my last comment for example.

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Never leave your fish unattended. Specifically with psycho roommates.

sooo... is he supposed to take his fish around with him in his pocket? o__O

That's just stupid. Pockets are dry... OP's mouth would be better

Congrats your new roommate is. Serial killer

I actually wonder why people are afraid of serial killers. The real danger are parallel killers.

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Put her in a bowl so she can't get out. Then starve her to death and see what happens.

That's a waste of glass. Just take her out behind the shed Ol' Yeller style....

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sheds are a waste of wood and a gun is a waste of bullets..... let her choke on air!!!

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"...goodbye, yeller." Gets me every single time.

Hey #32, when you are interested in what happen when you starve someone to death: They starve to death.

Psycho much? Dude that's just plain creepy :s

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Perhaps, but I think you are repulsive. Do you understand how perspective works?

Alexisthebestest 16

99- No need to be an asshole. Then again, that's just my perspective of you.

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You are correct, I love being an asshole.