By racchhh - 26/07/2009 15:25 - United States

Today, I sent a forward to everyone in my phonebook saying, "HOUSE PARTY-NO PARENTS, LOTS OF ALCOHOL, MAYBE A CHANCE TO HOOK UP." I then got a reply from my mom saying, "I'm probably the only one that would show up." Even my mom thinks I'm a loser, and I'm now grounded for 3 weeks. FML
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Loser, srsly, who is dumb enough to not realize that they have their parents in their contacts?

I was gonna put some witty comment, but I realized your mom beat me to it.


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Loser, srsly, who is dumb enough to not realize that they have their parents in their contacts?

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I know! YDI, you don't EVER forward anything to all of your contacts. Stupid move.

Yup. agreed. Retard. On a side note..your mom sounds like fun :P whats her number?? Also as a thought..if you're a loser..why would you even try this? no one wants to drink with you...and i couldn't think that you're gonna get laid..unless you screw a drunk which case...see your name in the papers soon :D

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#71, that's the worst part, it's not a guy. OP is female, and SO desperate that she's offering sex & booze in her parents house to get laid. How more pathetic can it get? For OP's sake, I hope she grows up and learns to respect herself and her parents more. THEN she'll have a chance to meet interesting people willing to spend time with her not because of the promise of potential ****** + alcohol, but because of who she actually is as a person.

I don't know anyone who doesn't have their parents in their phonebook contacts, so sending a message to everyone in your phonebook is NEVER a good idea. Plus, I don't know about you guys, but I have like all these random numbers for places in my phonebook. If I did this exact same thing, like Pizza Hut would also be receiving a message about this house party lol. OP, you obviously deserve it for being stupid. But I think the whole house party culture is stupid. I don't get invited to them (apart from once), wouldn't even if I did, and no one would come if I had one. Does that make a loser? Well, I don't give a ****.

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I don't understand. Did the mom literally say "I'm the only one..." meaning herself, or did the OP use the quotation marks wrong/misquoted her mom's text? And also, yea, who doesn't have random ppl in their contacts that they probably don't even know? I've added people just for one purpose and have forgotten to delete them later

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There is a difference between random people you've just met and your parents. A big one.

aha, OP you're an idiot. YDI for taking adavantage of your parent's house and alcohol.

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Ya seriously wouldnt you know that your parents are in your phonebook? Im sorry hun but you just werent thinking.......

Exactly .. YDI. Never Mass text if you have PARENTS in your contacts ...

yes I no I spelled it wrong but I'm typing fast on my iPod

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you deserve it for being a moron and "sending it to everyone in your phonebook"

i call fake. why? because on most phones you can only send one text to 10 people at a time. and you choose them all individually.

She could have sort of done it ten by ten and not realised. Just because she doesn't explain the exact action of the texting doesn't mean it's fake!

@136- Keyword in your argument: "most" as in, "there are some that actually can do it all at once"

Haha, check your phonebook for parents next time. YDI

I was gonna put some witty comment, but I realized your mom beat me to it.

Your mom is cooler than you are. LOL

Can I get your mom's number? She sounds like she likes to have fun.