Quite the gamble

By Anonymous - 25/03/2011 19:25 - United States

Today, to celebrate my older sister's 21st birthday, my parents forced me to take the night off work so we could all go to the casino. Not only is this coming out of my vacation, I wasn't old enough to enter the casino, so I had to sit in the car. FML
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They better make it up to you.

goza27 0

Most casinos will let you in as long as you are with your parents, you just can't gamble.


uberpwnage112 0


They better make it up to you.

rallets 22

yea they should how did they force you out of work /sly

That's mighty inconsiderate, you should've just taken the car and gone home

Party in the car! Back seats are where it's at :D

EverybodyHatesCh 0

I hope not. (•_•)

^no no, you don't understand, they better make it up to her. lol

jrsgreenfire257 0

^^ Lmfao. That ******* blows! •><•

that sucks donkey balls!!

EverybodyHatesCh 0

wrong FML sorry

uh, 89 no its not...

u musteve felt like sitting in a jackpot

ummm to the people who said ydi how did op deserve this?

By not standing up for themselves and saying "no" to their parents. Thats how.

EverybodyHatesCh 0

because I'm pretty sure OP knew he/she wasn't old enough to enter the KaSeeNoo... duhh!!!!!! (•_•)

A7X_LoVeee 10

Exactly. She should have said no and that she had to work. Also the parents seem a bit stupid. Why would they basically demand her to go when she obviously isn't old enough? Doesn't make much sense.

she deserves it cuz she's not 21 and also for not living in canada where you only have to be 19 to go into casinos XD


30 just about sums it up and the fact that OP didn't know about the age requirement to get into a casino.

MissMittens 0

18 in Manitoba :D

guckylynn 19

Living in Canada or not has nothing to do with it 74. I live in the US and many of our casinos have an 18 age limit, which is lower than yours.

18 in aus ;)

spearhead it's 18 in Alberta ;)

how do u know the op didn't say no? and new the age limit but was forced to go????

I doubt the OP was physically forced to go. I would've said I cannot take off work. OP do your parents and sister take off for your birthday?

Shoulda known that he wasn't old enough to enter the casino.

tht just suck

Oh wow, that's ****** up. FYL!!

PSQ91 6

You have a job so you're obviously old enough to move out. You don't have to take sh*t from your parents anymore.

secretlyvictoria 1

I got a job at 16; that's not old enough to move out of your parents' house.

PSQ91 6

Sure. I automatically thought OP was older than that, like 18 to 20, working nights and so...

just because someone has a job doesn't mean they can automatically afford to move out, even if you are over 18. you don't know what kind of job she has, how much she makes or even how many hours she works. Nice way to jump to conclusions.


He didn't say she could afford to, only that she was old enough.

you could be 15 and have a job artard

He's saying he got his job when he was 16, and that's only state law

I got my first job at 16, and normally finished between 11PM - 1AM, so the whole thing about having a job and working nights is rubbish. Don't assume in future.

jimmy0332 0

op is not old enough 2 go to a casino so I'm guessing op is under 18 or 21 depending on da casino

goza27 0

Most casinos will let you in as long as you are with your parents, you just can't gamble.

shibainu519 0

or you could pick up a hooker and bang her in the car :D

shulgafish 0

.... I like this idea...

MyMuse7 0

and you didn't think to tell em that you wouldn't be able to enjoy it seeing as though you're under 21? your parents suck anyway.

If you knew beforehand that you were going to a casino you're an idiot for even going. YDI

that's what I thought. if you weren't old enough to get in, why go??

dabomb1463 0

The parents made them dumba**es