By shygirl - 20/05/2012 13:13 - United States - Sterling Heights

Today, my sister got married. It was also the day that I was supposed to deliver a heartfelt toast to the happy couple. I got so nervous that I kept stuttering and finally ended with "Congrats Beth and Steve!" Her husband's name is Eric. Her ex was named Steve. FML
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In his head he said "Who the **** is Steve?"

txgirl2013 14

I'm sure she'll forgive you! You tried!


txgirl2013 14

I'm sure she'll forgive you! You tried!

Lauren10102 3

Perhaps she will forgive her, but I doubt OP will ever live that down

MarisaCB 16

If she knows you well (which she should, considering) she would know that you're a bad public speaker, and will forgive you. Her new husband, however... err... Might be less happy about it.

Stage fright happens to everyone, especially in such a pressured situation. Don't sweat it OP every wedding needs a good laugh!

Now when you get married ur sister will say ur ex's name instead of ur husband's name.

She will forgive her but op's husband won't

50- should have had a champagne campaign. I had to exploit your error. Sorry.

Boygenius50 8

Did Steve tell you that perchance? Steve...

1- I don't know what's in your picture, but all I know is I want one.

In his head he said "Who the **** is Steve?"

And in real life: smiling and twitching thinking ways of revenge

And the brides remembering the fun she had with Steve

^ Ahh yes Steve, the one who can never commit. Good guy that Steve. :D

49, scumbag Steve? I've heard of him.

CaramelMacchiato 13

The only Steve I know is Urkel.

Eric will probably ask OP's sister who Steve is.

The husband's just mad because Steve was everyone's favorite. Sorry, Joe, you'll never live up.

lissa_jade 22

ERIC, not joe. the husbands name is Eric. poor guy. no one is ever going to remember his name /:

80 - yeah, I was referencing Blue's Clues hah

Boygenius50 8

78 wins the thread by a landslide.

Girlybanana 2

Especially if Steve was a guest.

noto_fml 0

It's an understandable mistake. Would have helped if you wrote down the toast first. Still I lol'd Steve was obviously the man No? Ok sorry

The good news is that the groom did not leave the bride at the altar. And everyone can make mistakes like that, don't worry, I am sure no damage is done

You're like, everywhere on here. O.O

kcircuses, we hate you with the passion of a 1000 galaxies.

63, this is the second or third time you have said that, I get it, you don't like me :) And I think I already apologized for offending you by being the person I am, so I can't do more than that I guess :) Have a nice day. And yeah, I'm all over this place sometimes, depends on how bored I am and suchs, and someone gotta be the positive one :)

In 10 years time, it'll be a funny story...

Gonna take a guess and say it's a slim chance that they'll make the decade mark.

16- yeah maybe a butt pirate with that drawn-on-paint eye patch..

xCrazyMexican 4

16 - I think since it's their wedding day they will make the decade mark

That's three words, (or two if you don't count "shiiiiiiiiiiet" as a word") a colon, and a period.

anoellem 1

Ano you just have to laugh along with these retards

SlyTail 5

One word to describe your pathetic attempt at a comment: Shit.

Oh well, it was an honest mistake. Hopefully she'll forgive you :)

She will foregive him. But if i was in the family id give him hell.

KawiRacer69 5

the OP is a girl. can't you read the name?

Mmm oh hey your right. Look at you. So smart. *her

Wow! I bet you got a few death stare eyes! You should have taken and read your notes for something that important! Improv is not your thing.

Well time to buy your sister a really nice present :)