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Today, I spilled boiling water on my legs. A coworker told me that putting mustard on the burn would heal it. I ended up at the emergency room. When people walked by I could hear them say "it smells like hot dogs". FML
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Duh it didnt work. You forgot to add the mayonnaise.


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If the coworker sincerely thought it would help then they weren't being a dick.

I don't think some coworker would be an asshole about a serious burn. He probably thought it actually worked. Or just wanted the place to smell like hotdogs.

Well I would have just gone straight to the hospital. Personally I wouldn't risk worsening it any further with something I haven't tried before.

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Actually I work in a restaraunt and mustard does help for minor burns

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Op should go see DocBastard. ASAP

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25-was that a transformers reference?

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I guess he needs to find some friends...any volunteers? No?

62 - If anyone's the troll here, it's me. No Homestuck fans here? Pity. I'll just go back to my hive then...

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Mustard does work on minor burns but more serious burns should be treated by a doctor. So technically, the coworker was not being a dick.

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73, please refrain from jacking the threads. Especially with Homestuck. :I

That wasn't thread-jacking. Thread-jacking would be making a comment that should have been a separate thread entirely. That was just a combination of a shitty comment and poor judgment, and the fact that I'm off my meds today. I thumbed myself down for it.

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What a coincidence 73, we thumbed you down too!

Actually mustard does work only on minor burns or a bee sting. But not hot boiling water I ur thighs that won't work. If its a 1 degree burn with LiL 2 nd degree yes. Not for a hug burn like that. That's too much burned area and it s not as tough as the skin on ur arms. That inner thigh is softer skin. I'm a nurse/ emt.

When in doubt, Google. Or be a nurse/emt.

Duh it didnt work. You forgot to add the mayonnaise.

Bun down. Pickles. Ketchup. Tomato. No no no! Mr. Krabs I can't do it.

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#54 actually there was an ep where they made hot dogs out of leftover krabby patties. Mr. Krabs took the krabby patties off the menu cause the hot dogs were selling better and Spongebob lost his shit. Lol

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93- whenever I comment people always say that I guess that explains a lot about fml commenters.

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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

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Horse radish is not an instrument either

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That is hilarious and sad at the same time. Get better soon, OP.

Ouch, I'd assume mustard should just burn more with it's high acidity level. Hope you're doing better, OP

18 - I don't understand your comment at all. I stated what I assumed would be the case then have my best wishes to the OP. How does that seem like "fishing for compliments"?

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He's talking about the strip pole pic. She's completely covered so keep the stupid comments to yourself 18

Mustard actually does help with burns, at least it works with me. It hurts at the beginning but it heals it.

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For someone who loves karma, that was not a smart comment.

63 shut up ur just upset about the other thread

4# I don't think mustard is very acidic.

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Mustard does help! But I can't stand it, so I use pickle juice which is just as effective.

86 - I have chronic heartburn and acid reflux. Oh yes, mustard is very acidic indeed.

missmae93- It actually isn't "very acidic". It is slightly acidic (pH =6.5) if i remember correctly which isn't that low when compared to coke (the drink).

Vinegar works great on sunburn so I don't see why this wouldn't work. I just don't screw around with certain burns though. Home remedies can be great, but boiling water would send me to the er.

It depends on what you mean by "very acidic" I mean, it's not acidic enough to burn healthy skin, but it is acidic enough to aggravate a stomach acid problem or to hurt when applied to an open wound (e.g., eating mustard with a cold sore hurts).

124 - That's basically what I'm saying. I'd assume a burn via boiling water would be close to breaking skin, causing the skin to become very sensitive. I just figured something with a decently high level of acidity (by my standards apparently) would irritate the newly burned skin.

Umm, I've never heard of that. What I've been told is that you should run the burn under cøld water for at least 10 minutes, then wrap sømething, like non-stick film, around the burn to protect it from infection.

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It's an urban myth to wrap anything like that around a burn and is in fact dangerous.

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^ that is correct. Especially plastic wrap. Really, people?! People are friends, not food.

I've always used toothpaste whenever I get burned. It relieves the pain extremely well.

Actually I've been told you run burns under warm sorta cool water. a friend of mine is a nurse and she helped me when I stepped on a hot burning coal.

That isnt true, you're not supposed to put anything like clingfilm onto the burn because it sticks to the burned flesh and is a b*tch to get off, maybe causing even more damage.

I'm confused, am I right or am I wrong? O.O

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Your wrong , I have done first aid and they said very clearly do not wrap anything around it or stick anything on it

87 - Not cold water, cool. Cold water makes it worse. You want the water just under temperate.

I've gotten burned badly before. A staff worker put mustard on my burns and a minute or two later the stings were going away. It works.

It is actually an urban myth that covering a burn is dangerous. You don't have to use clingfilm but it should be covered with something that won't give off lint to prevent infection. Google any major health/doctor website and they'll tell you the same. The NHS website which is the official health and hospital website for the whole of the UK actually recommends the use of clingfilm or a (clean) clear plastic bag.

And really, maybe people could try actually googling things before thumbing comments down? It only takes a few seconds...EVERY WEBSITE says to cover with a dry guaze or non-stick film. You are probably getting confused with the rules 'do not wrap tightly', 'do not bandage', 'do not wrap in clothes that give off fibres' and 'do not use a film that will stick'. NOT THE SAME THING AS NOT COVERING AT ALL.

My friend burned her leg pretty badly with hair remover (she made the mistake of rubbing it in), which is pretty much the equivalent of a bleach burn. Her mom, who's a doctor, applied burn ointment (come ON people, enoug with all this crap about vinegar and mustard, burn ointment is for burns, all it takes a a quick run to the pharmacy for God's sake!) and wrapped the leg in saran wrap, which is commonly used. It worked perfectly for the burn. I know you guys are trying to be innovative with all these crazy suggestions (salt, vinegar, toothpaste, mustard), but really, sometimes it's a good idea to use what's actually MADE for things.

Um I've heard putting cold water also hurts like a bi***. But when my mom spilt hot tea all over her arm they told her to slice a tomatoe and run it(the slimy-ish side) on the burn. It help relieve the pain and adds moisture or something. But I got burned once by a frying pan and my friend cut a piece of her aloe vera plant and rubbed the juicy part on the burn. It was very relieving. On this whole controversy on what to do for burns we should ask docb*stard (with a real a of course)

#14 plastic wrap is common use over poultices as it keeps it from drying out so I can def see where people get this crazy idea. But it's def not something to be used on burns!!

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It's vinegar. Vinegar will help stop the burning faster. Trust me on this one.

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And it doesnt heal the burn, it just keeps it from getting worse.

Vinegar is an acid. Acid on a burn will only make it worse. Please go and ask a medical expert if mustard is good for burns and they will call you a ******* idiot. Perhaps the cold bottle will help ease pain but not mustard itself. Check burn products and see that there is no vinegar for a ******* reason you dumbass.

*Rolls eyes* Something tells me he wasn't serious about the vinegar, guys.

You don't put anything cold on a burn. Running the area under warm to room temp water does the least damage.

103- Yes, you DO run it under a burn under cold water.

^yes, you DO run a burn under cold water.

^No you do not. You run lukewarm water over a burn. Where's doc to comment on this matter when you need him?

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At least you smell delicious

Hot dogs smell so disgusting. They smell like 10 day old dog liver and guts. You are so off on this one.

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Now I'm just wondering what condiment would have been too outrageous for OP to believe would work.

Salt works really well. It just burns like hell first.