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Today, I was at my sister's wedding reception. My boyfriend of 3 years decided to give a toast to the happy couple. He was drunk and confessed his undying love to my sister. FML
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can you say "awkwardddddd"

saIty 17

Did he mention that he got her a dick in a box?


can you say "awkwardddddd"

.... Because I love your dad. We are having a wedding. This July."

meggieh815 0

yes. I can say awkward with a bunch of extra letters. thanks for asking! :D

^omgod get over the extra letters, even if your being sarcastic or funny, your annoying. Get the **** over yourself.

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I was joking, and I wasn't being mean. but okay. and get over myself? Good try. Shut the hell up. You don't know me bitch.

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#13 win

Starting an argument with a bunch of unnecessary swearing like thirteen year olds trying to sound awesome? Good job, guys.

meggieh815 0

That wasn't even me. it was my cousin. Sorry. :/

I don't know. I don't know how to pronounce "...ddddddd." Not making fun of your grammar or anything but just don't know how.

No need to blame it on your cousin. Your comment wasn't even bad, I don't understand why people were freaking out about it.

meggieh815 0

I know. But it was my cousin. Haha :) Thanks though! :)

Okay. You're welcome.

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25 - is your name "Mrs Assy Pants" or "Mr sassy pants"? I hope it's the former.

Mr.SassyPants. I used to put Mr in my pic but people started saying how I coildnt fit the s so I changed the pic and left it a mystery until people ask. I couldn't put a period but I should have capitalized the s after Mr.

I am in love with my ex who is the sister of my last girlfriend, It really sucks.

Hmm. Well this FML sure makes me thankful that I don't have a sister.

elephants17 7


A vid of this would KILL on YouTube!

OPs sister look like her when OPs bf is drunk?

is there a 3some in your future??

meggieh815 0

I've only seen two of your comment on FML and you already annoy me.

Yeah because you can always have a threesome with you sister who is getting married, and your boyfriend because that's normal.

don't hate, appreciate

RaeRaeHeartBreak 3

39- just get off FML! no one wants to read your stupid comments.

50- Then ignore them. No one is making you read his comments.

50- someone afraid to show their ugly ass face?

2, would you like to answer that question?

Nice. Time to dump him and move on.

you totally deserve better…

went out with this girl, then I dumped her because I had to move. I moved back and asked to go out with her. She said no, because she had a boyfriend and a few months later I was going out with her sister even though I still love her. I had to dump the sister though, because she went sort of psycho.

Okay, why would you even date her if you were in love with her sister? I don't understand that.

Glad that I'm not the only one.

Flutist 3

She was psycho? Sounds like irrational behavior to me. You did an asshole thing. You dated a girl (this is my theory, correct me if I am wrong) who you could not completely love because you had feelings for her sister. Then you called her psycho when that sounds stalkerish to me. I can't have you Susy so I will date your sister.

I agree completely 94.

saIty 17

Did he mention that he got her a dick in a box?

Can someone tell me the instructions for a dick in a box? Cut a hole in the box. Stick your junk in the box.

salvorican 24

42 What planet do u live on?...

47 if he does live on another planet then he sure has some damn good connection. 42 if you didn't get the reference look it up on YouTube an if you did don't try to be stupid please.

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have your girl open the box and thats how you do it! :D

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its from Saturday Night Live. Justin Timberlake and the Lonely Island.

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Aw how embressing! :(

How embarrassing that you can't even spell embarrassing.

Yeah, kickass already said irony. Thanks for repeating what's already been said though.(:

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I don't know if thats something I'd toast to..

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you have a kick ass profile pic!!! soul eater, woohoo!!!

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Tell everyone how bad he is in bed...even if he is good.. Sorry OP.. dump his ass

done that before

what is that animal?

um you want to brag about ur bf as much as possible not make OPs 4 ppl to make fun of him