By Anonymous - / Wednesday 28 October 2009 21:22 / United States
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I agree with "mylifeisfuckedd". Like, honestly.. Didn't you prepare your speech in advance? I mean common, it's not that hard. And, right after you did that, you should have grown some balls, and ran after her. It's not that hard!

  jackkerouc9  |  0

wait why was your ex sitting in the audience? That seems a bit off. I mean lets not kid ourselves how often does it actually work out well when ex's stay friends even if one gets married. Especially when that ex meant so much to you that you remember her over your fucking wife.

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#71 His ex wasn't in the audience. The OP, the groom, was telling a story about how him and his soon to be wife met. That is, that's what he thought the story was about. The bride stormed out because that wasn't how they met. The story was about how the OP and his ex girlfriend met, not about him and his bride met. The OP got the two stories mixed up. I would be fucking upset too, especially not remembering how we met and telling everyone the wrong story in front of all my family and friends.

  Reyo  |  2

dumbass...you must not really love your wife if the first thing that pops up in your mind when asked "How did you two meet" is a story about your ex. And at your wedding? C'mon dude... ...heh...Jimmy Dean sausage.


agreed w/ #55... guessing since you posted this on FML.com that you didnt get ur "wife" back? if you did you would be on your honeymoon so you probably would be doing everything to make her happy again instead of posting stuff on a website. and i dont believe this happed cause who would post that on FML.com even if it did?? n on ur wedding day?

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I thought it was his new wife. And he was telling the story at the reception. Maybe I just did not read it well enough though. Still. Jerk.

By  RJB  |  0

HERES A FUCKING IDEA! You go talk to her and fucking fix it not post the story on FML. Stop being an idiot and trying to be cool by posting this and instead fix it! I just think Op is an idiot for not even preparing his wedding speech..

  BritishHobo  |  0

Oh, come on! You HAVE to put 'Today' at the start of an FML. This could have happened a week ago. I'm pretty sure this didn't happen, his wife starts crying and storming away, and he went 'Oh, godddd... FML time.' Anyway, not fuck your life. Actually, yes. fuck your life for being a TOTAL MORON. Fuck HER life for getting this far with you, you total moron. You deserve it for being such a dick, but also your life is fucked... for being such a dick.

By  InsanePPG  |  25

My grandma mixes up stories about her first husband and her current husband all the time. Hopefully she'll forgive you. But yeah, you want to make sure your wedding speech is about the right person before the wedding.

  geetface  |  0

Even if she's not senile, I read that with the implication that it's ok for women to fuck that up but not men.

  InsanePPG  |  25

True, it's my grandma. But I'm just saying it happens to people. I'm sure it happens to many other people much younger than my grandma too. And no, I wasn't implying that it's okay for women to do that and not for men to. All I wanted to say was that it happens. OP, I hope that by now you and your wife talked it out. Congrats on the marriage, despite the mess-up during the wedding.


The girl at the wedding has a right to be pissed. All that work and the guy can't get the stories right? It just seems like there is more to it, or if not, then the ex being in the audience might have made her paranoid anyways. Yeah, there seems to be this floating idea that women are so spacey they mess up but men always have to be in control. I am sorry that happened and I hope it works out Op, sucks it ruined your wedding. But think about how your wife must feel. "He still loves her, he ruined our day, I am not as important to him." Sure she might just be pissed and get over it, but you need to show her she is the woman you love and married. If you don't solve it now it will lead to divorce with this as the foundation for every time you disappoint her. I am not saying she is shallow like that, but if this stays unsaid she might feel like you don't really love her... or not. I don't know your wife, I just don't want this to turn into two people who obviously/hopefully love each other losing out on something over a dispute that happened ten years ago... if you guys last that long

By  MiddleChild08  |  0

Why was your ex at your wedding? There is no way my fiance is having his ex at our wedding. And how could you confuse the first time you met your wife with the first time you met your ex? Definite fail on your part...I doubt it was intentional, but still...you should keep your memories straight. If you really love your wife, you wouldn't even be thinking about your ex or how you met. I have dated a lot of guys, and I can tell you exactly how I met my fiance, and the other guys I just remember them and where I knew them from, not the very first time I met them...Major fail on your part...F your life as a newly wedded man...


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I trust him completely, and I'm not a jealous person. If he were friends with any of them then they would be more than welcome to come to my wedding. But he is not friends with any of them, by his choice, and so they will not be there. I have tried to get him to be friends with one of his exes, because they were great friends before they dated, and he won't do it. He doesn't want to be put in a situation where someone will see them hanging out together and then go run and tell everyone that he is cheating on me. Me and him have been best friends since 5th grade, and I trust him more than anyone. It's his choice that he isn't friends with them. It would be different if he were friends with them, but he's not. None of my exes will be there either, and I'm friends with some of them. So it's not a trust or jealousy thing. Also, if his ex was to be there, and he did what the OP did, then I would be thinking that they were a little more than just friends.

  Books4Me  |  0

Just my 2 cents...my boyfriend went to his ex-wife's wedding (a few months ago). They're still really good friends and still very much in each other's lives... I do have to say the OP should've maybe thought that through more though =x!

  MiddleChild08  |  0

umm, last summer he was at wal-mart with his cousin, and one of friends saw him and told everyone that he was cheating on me. maybe people wouldn't accuse you of that, but where i'm from gossip is gold and people tell first and ask questions later. they see a guy with a girl who is not his girlfriend, and that automatically means he's cheating on her. it may not be true, but that's how people see it where i'm from. and you don't know the whole story behind our relationship, so don't judge and call it a cop out when i say that he doesn't want to be put in that situation. that's just how my fiance is. he chooses not to hang out with other girls, even though i have told him time and time again that it isn't a problem, that i trust him. understandable that the op and the ex were friends, but apparently they were too good of friends, that the moment they met was more special then when him and his wife met. and honestly, what woman wants her husbands ex at their wedding, unless she is friends with her too?

  Flutist  |  3

Middle, I think I have to agree, sure people gossip but that is not always the case. It seems like the Op must have been friends with the ex or wanted to show her how happy he is without her. Either way he has ruined his life because he cannot keep his stories straight. Your fiance is probably smart for doing that. We don't know the story, but perhaps there is a reason he doesn't hang around with them, perhaps he knows his weaknesses and would cheat on you. I don't know. I understand small towns but I also want them to die painful deaths. But in this case Op screwed up. I agree, I am not really all that curious about your life. It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that your husband/fiance is GOLD. He is human honey.

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