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72 I am saying that her comment was under the first comment as if it was a comment about 1's comment. Her comment was about the FML in general and she jumped it up to the first spot by pressing reply to 1, a thinly disguised and overused FML cheat tactic to get your comment near the top. much like 73 also.

  michaelaranda  |  28

I dont think OP wants her husband. And sometimes divorces take long, my parents divorce lasted over 3 years. It still is kind of a shitty thing to do, but OP isnt the only person entitled to happiness.

I might be wrong though.


@99, OP isn't the only person entitled to happiness, but she should expect decency from her sister, of all people. It would be at least a little painful to see your ex marrying anyone else in most cases, but to have them marry your sister? Family should be there for support in tough times, not making them tougher. OP has every right to be angry and upset.

Sorry you've got such a shit sister, OP. Hopefully the divorce is finalized soon so you can get on with your life, without people like your ex or your sister in it. I hope the rest of your family has a bit more decency.

  queerdragon  |  20

Of course she would not want her husband if he is cheating on her with the sister. Since we don't know the whole story, I am not going to condemn the sister to being a soulless slut and the husband for being an asshole of the worst kind.

However, it is a shitty thing to do to date your sister's husband.

  GwylaFelidae  |  7

I was going to say that they would be genetically full-blooded siblings, but then I realized that that only applies if a pair of identical twins has children with another pair of identical twins... Or something like that.

  wonderfulrosie  |  13

I don't understand how people can be so greedy as to think of only their wants, especially when they hurt their own family. OP's sister sucks, as does her loser ex-husband.

By  BrookieAnn  |  19

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  Mossears133  |  15

Something tells me there is love lacking here. First, the sister's a total bitch, and if OP's ex-husband was willing to cheat on OP, he'd probably be willing to cheat on her sister. Also, I agree with 39. Fuck you and your 7th grader speak.