By fuck you, tasha - 24/08/2014 21:50 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, my sister felt guilty and told me about the changes she secretly made to my résumé months ago. She'd put "doing your mom" and "corporate espionage" as my hobbies, and "Justin Bieber's pussy waxer" as a previous job. No wonder I'm still unemployed. FML
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christina3466 17

Maybe Justin Bieber will hire you.


That is beyond rude. That is straight up evil.

The word rude doesn't do this situation justice.

AnOriginalName 19

Well yeah it's rude, but OP should have checked his resume before sending it off to employers. Y'know, making sure it was current and relevant to the business, or even highlighting different skills and experience for different positions.

"How rude!" ~ Michelle Tanner (full house)

51 - OP might have checked if it was current and then starting sending it off. After OP was sure it was current, the sister might have changed it and OP didn't think of checking it everytime they applied.

JMichael 25

What did you do to piss her off OP?

#51 I don't expect people to screw with my résumé. I scan over it to be sure its current, but I don't read the whole thing because the list of skills I have doesn't really change from place to place. I wouldn't say OP deserves it for not reading it before he sent it out. Its more of a FYL because you have the sister from hell.

christina3466 17

Maybe Justin Bieber will hire you.

Might do when she actually starts growing hair down there.

mrwilsong 6

Stop hating on justin bieber she has feelings too

Can you guys please stop insulting Justin Bieber by calling him a girl. That joke stopped being funny years ago and it's kinda insulting to both girls and trans people.

badluckalex 23

justin bieber is an insult to humanity

Normally I would agree with you #53, but Justin Bieber has done more than enough to warrant the hate against him. He is a twat and abuses the privilege of being famous. Plus his music isn't that great.

53 is not a troll. The Bieber-is-a-little-girl thing is misogynistic and not clever. Kinda creepy.

Insulting Justin by calling him a female is actually insulting to all females. Like 1. We don't want to be associated with him and 2. To insult anyone by saying they're a girl basically makes being female a bad thing, which is severely misogynistic.

A female wouldn't want to be considered masculine so that argument can work both ways.

Thumbs up #80. Bonus points for correctly using the word twat in a sentence about Bieber.

#4, destroying opportunities for someone else is being creative?

I would imagine his sister changed it after he had made sure it was up to date. I only update mine every few months and I don't always check it every time I send it out because I know it's been done fairly recently. He also probably didn't think his sister, or anyone for that matter, would enough of an immature little twat to actually mess with something like that. It's not particularly funny and it's definitely not clever, its middle school humour at a stretch.

I'd destroy her.. just in complete general

Well. You could get a job as a pornstar, FBI agent, or personal groomer according to your resume. Always a bright side.

ChristianH39 30

Pretty sure FBI agents aren't the ones that commit corporate espionage, but I like the attitude

Corporate Espionage is committed by people working for a company that wants another company's secrets, lol. Besides, the Secret Service investigates corporations, not the FBI.

Wow, that really sucks. I hope it can be fixed soon

Well, her resume seems to need some tweaking as well...

wow.. that sucks. no worries though my resume has none of that and I'm unemployed atm too..

Did you double check? You never know who may have gotten a hold of your recent resume... I always read mine over, sorry OP but YDI.

Tell her that you feel guilty as well, for pouncing her.