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Today, after nearly two months of working at my new job, one of my co-workers finally explained to me that the list of tasks that our boss gives me every day are actually HER duties, and as I complete them, she just sits in her office and watches Netflix. FML
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Report her to her boss or to HR. Just make sure you have hard evidence and not just your coworker's word

bringing netflix and chill to a whole nother level


bringing netflix and chill to a whole nother level

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The reference is strong with this one.

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You're 15. You don't know anything about the workplace

No, she shouldn't keep doing someone else's work to avoid rocking the boat. That's how you end up getting walked all over and pushed around.

Just because someone is 15 does not mean they know nothing about the workplace. I started working 30-35 hours a week at the age of 13, and now I'm pushing 75 hours a week across 5 very different jobs. And yes. That IS what tends to happen pretty frequently at a couple of them!

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just because labor laws were lax when you were a kid and the economy was stable enough for kids to pick up an odd job doesn't mean that the factors apply to this kid. Nowadays you need 3 years experience just to flip burgers.

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#50 people like you piss me off. Some people actually do work from a very early age. For example, I have had a job since I was 8 helping out in a machine shop. Kids can get jobs in farms, family businesses, etc...

#58 or you can easily go out and pick up a construction job anywhere. The economy isn't that bad if you consider labor jobs, where you'll make more than flipping burgers.

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Just letting you know that's kinda illegal... Child labor laws and all that jazz

1, i've never flipped burgers. I've worked in libraries, computer repair, phone centers, and i make a lot of spare money helping Game and Simulation programming majors from the colleges with their senior projects by writing scenarios, cleaning up code, and providing voice acting and sound editing if they need it. 2, not everyone is cut out for a labor job. half the reason I went into GSP myself is because my hips and right knee were wrecked in a hit and run in high school. I can get around well enough with the day to day stuff, but I can't be on my feet and/or knees for hours on end. 3rdly, I live in the Devils armpit where the summer high's can get over 120 on a really bad day, construction is a death sentence.

Well you do work for her, so what she assigns to you is your job.

She is OP's co-worker. OP is definitely not working for her.

53- I read it as the bosses list of tasks but after a few double takes I'm leaning more towards the co-worker. Maybe #3 thought the same at first?

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I think it's the bosses list of tasks...I think OP said that a co-worker just explained after 2 months that the boss gives OP a list of tasks that are actually the bosses tasks.

Report her to her boss or to HR. Just make sure you have hard evidence and not just your coworker's word

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Well she's the boss. Hope you didn't stresss out too much over the workload

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Actually, we don't have enough information to know which is true. But why would the manager help the coworker do nothing all day?

Although she does sound like a lazy birch, you technically have to do whatever assignment or job she gives you. But FYL anyway op.

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I would hate to work for a lazy tree :)

#7 Damn auto correct, I didn't catch that or I would've edited it.

I thought you'd come up with an acceptable euphemism that I'd steal and use myself from here on in.

My boss does the same thing, just have to suck it up and keep doing it. They are paying you to work.

You need to report her to HR because that's ridiculous.

How did you not suspect "Fire incompetent employees" and "Walk in on underlings complaining about you" were managerial tasks?

Because its the coworkers tasks not the managers

Thanks for somewhat explaining the joke, I guess.

If you are getting paid, they are your tasks. Nothing to moan about. I think we have all had lazy bosses in our lives. It is called privilege...when you reach a boss position, you may be able to designate yourself.

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If she's getting paid for doing nothing, there is definitely something to complain about. And if she's in the United States, what she's doing is illegal.

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The one making OP do their work is a coworker not the boss.

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You don't know that, and that doesn't even make sense.


actually tasks are divided by paychecks. for instance I get paid more at my job since I am a manager. therefore it is MY job to ensure inventory is properly counted, the store is always presentable, the doors are locked upon leaving and the safe is armed. I am also always in control of the money. the employees getting less than me don't need to worry about that. they just need to show up clean and with a good attitude, Make sure their products are correct and clean their areas. people getting paid more than me have even more to worry about. there is lazy boss and then there is pushover employee. if OP continues to allow her boss to give her all of her tasks then she will 1. never be promoted. why would the boss allow her to leave? 2. if she gets too good her boss could fear for her position and force OP to quit. 3. Never make the boss responsible for her own work or failure to perform her own duties.

its not your job if its not in your job description

It is actually not against the law a boss can tell you to do anything they want you to do. If your boss wants you to act as there personal assistant that is your job if the boss wants you to clean the bathroom everyday that is your job. If the boss decides to delegate all there responsibility to you that is your job as long as there work is getting done nobody cares.

Wow, seriously? My work contract specifically states what my job is. No scrubbing toilets here, unless I volunteer