By Anonymous - 20/10/2013 06:21 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my job application got denied once again. I looked over it, and saw that my roommate added "screwing over customers" and "hiding dead bodies" under my skills. FML
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why didn't you look at it before?

Start applying in the cartel?


why didn't you look at it before?

I know right! YDI OP for not looking at it before handing it in. Always check over your applications for inaccuracies... Like this.

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He probably did look over it - after he was done filling it out. Like most people though, the next day when he went to hand it in, he likely didn't look at it a 2nd time, because he wasn't expecting his roommate to be such a douche.

How many times have we seen situations where applications or resumes had issues? If FML has taught me anything it's to check that stuff over and over, right up to the point I hand it to whomever is doing the hiring.

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Fucking Moron. you couldn't take your time to review it before you sent it don't deserve a job if your that fucking careless

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He might have been in a hurry..

Start applying in the cartel?

yes because it is working so well for them...

Anyone not believe me? Just Google "cartel clown gunman" to see today's happening.

First! I'd like to thank family, friends and all those who helped me achieve this amazing goal. :')

You mean third? Well now your comment is double-embarrassing.

Hence the f-bomb

Today, after many years of attempt I was finally first... oh wait, I mean third.. Fml

Lol that acceptance speech did you in :P

You imbecile.

To work so hard, for so long, just to be beaten by two people who didn't even acknowledge their accomplimemts, it's just heartbreaking.

If achieving the first comment on FML is one of your goals in life then you really should consider getting professional help.

Those can be very valuable skills in certain industries. Im thinking banking and funeral parlors specifically

Oh, and also in a law office.

I think you should practice the 2nd part of your skills on your roommate.

Send a hooker to his workplace insisting he is the farther of her unborn child..! be creative..

Or OP could call a few sex hotlines and then call his roommate's workplace with them on the line. In the process, OP could also discuss how his roommate is role playing as an unsuspecting boss, and that the ladies should insist that they are trying to continue the "working hours fun time that's been on for the past week" with the named person.

or OP can kill his room mate, hide the dead body and screw over everyone who ever loved him

Father* sorry...had to lol

Depends on the job, I think if you worked for the government those would be pluses

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Politicians and porn stars both screw people for a living...

#51, at least the "victim" likes one of them and not the other

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get him back What goes around comes around

"Don't want to think about it Don't want to talk about it I'm just so sick about it Can't believe it's ending this way"

Anyone who sends out job applications without proofreading deserves it.

If anything, hasn't FML taught us all to double check the things we send off to future employers?! At least you've learnt to double check for next time now.