By Anonymous - 18/10/2009 10:52 - Australia

Today, I handed out 30 resumes only to find out, after the last resume was handed out, my brother had changed the last sentence of every paragraph to 'I am a massive douche bag.' FML
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haha, wouldnt you proof-read your resume before you went out? maybe you will in future


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hahaha owned but im sure if u explain they would understand

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Your brother is made of WIN. You guys made my day haha.

Lesson 1, re - read. Lesson 2, your brother is a win. Lesson 3, avoid the 30 people who now know your a douchebag. I don't know if i'm either sorry for your, your brother, or the 30 people you handed the resumes to.

I am more concerned about why the OP's resume had paragraphs in the first place. Resumes are more of bulleted outlines of skills and experiences.

Hahaha Ydi for not proofreading and being a massive bag of douche

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Lmao omg that really sucks but funny as shit

haha, wouldnt you proof-read your resume before you went out? maybe you will in future

Next time proofread. Before and after you print. Duh. Explaining my brother did and I didn't notice only makes you look less competent because you didn't check first

Lesson learned: Proof read- and then double check EVERYTIME!

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ugh also apostrohpes... you don't need one EVERY TIME you use an "s" on the end of a word, people. For example, you don't need one for plurals. Have people just started skipping elementary school altogether?

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yeah, thats how these days are going, Man....

Haha you shoulda checked them before you printed them out (unless your brother did) or read over them again.

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hahahahaha your brother is awesome

You deserved it for being a massive douche bag.

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There are some professions (insurance claims rep, tax collector, tech support call center operator) where that is an asset, but you might be dinged for bragging about it too much. I saw a douche bag last night. I was at a drug store and I saw that the literally sold "douche bags," I didn't think they still made them. Also, I saw the biggest pair of manboobs I'd ever seen. If it didn't have a beard, I 'd have sworn it was an ugly fat woman. Quite a night last night.