By fuckel4 - United States - El Dorado
Today, while updating my résumé, I noticed that in my list of achievements it said "Torturing middle school students". I meant "tutoring", but I guess this explains why I'm still unemployed a year after I started looking for a job. FML
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  mds9986  |  24

You should also have another person or five look at it for errors. A single typo can make it so the HR person throws it in the garbage immediately. It's too important.

  corky1992  |  33

The fact that the person didn't take the time to double check their resume for errors before applying for jobs is reason enough to not hire said person. Resumes should be professional and not have any typos, or grammatical errors.

By  lui_pg  |  21

Well it would probably have been worse if someone hired you with that resumé, they would have been left wondering why you haven't tortured any middle schoolers yet