By deewe - 13/05/2012 06:06 - United States - Ann Arbor

Today, I planned to go on a date with a man I met online. He came to my apartment to pick me up, and I told him I'd be right out as I grabbed my purse. When I got outside, he was gone. FML
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OMG! What a jerk. FYL OP.

jerseyboy732 16

it's happened a bunch of times before


OMG! What a jerk. FYL OP.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

OMG! You don't say.

OMG!! I heard you like OMG's! So we put more OMG in your OMG cereal!! But yeah.. Anyway, nice eyes 8 I like them

Yeah that sucks. I'm sorry

I think we've ALL gotten sick of all these commenters saying "You don't say?". Seriously guys, stop it. It's not funny anymore. BTW 1, I love your profile picture. :3 Shugo Chara's awesome.

Or, or maybe OP fabricated the pics she sent dude, mhmm.

72, you don't say? I'm kidding, I never put comments like that

^ You just did. -__-

KiwiExchange 16

You were too good for him anyways OP. Someone who runs away like that isn't worth it and tells you a lot about the person. Shallow ****.

Once I read "i met online" I thought ... Oh this is Gunna be a good one

Alanber92 5

Ouch, that sucks. Sorry op

Maybe he was some creeper or something, and OP dodged a bullet! Just maybe...

FMLshark 12

This is what happens when you photoshop your online dating profile picture.

If he is a creeper he knows where OP lives now, hide yo' kids, OP!

That's why you don't post fake photoshopped pics on your profile, OP

91- Where'd you get that idea?

O so 91, you actually are a wolf looking into a solar flare? Just checking. That would have been hypocritical if not! Phew!

jerseyboy732 16

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Highly unlikely.

jerseyboy732 16

it's happened a bunch of times before

mandadarling 10

Actually, it is rather likely. Many sexual predators use the Internet as a place to meet potential victims.

perdix 29

No. It's highly unlikely. Even if it happens one in a million times, there would be plenty of true stories to scare the shit out of people, but that still would make it highly unlikely. It's smarter to meet someone you met online somewhere out in public.

mandadarling 10

There are tons of real life stories.. And websites devoted specifically to educate people on the dangers of meeting someone online. The anonymity of the "person" you are talking to allows said person to be anyone they believe you want, which is a huge psychological stimulant for many sexual predators.

I think we watch too many crime shows ;)

courtneyann211 10

I went out with someone I met online. Granted we met for lunch in a public area. That said someone is now my husband

Watch your back 51, he could still be planning to dismember you. Everyone on the Internet is always right and everyone on the Internet will also cut you into little pieces.

61, shouldn't it be rape her, murder her, then rob her? Your way is a bit flawed, she'd get away while he's robbing her!

WitchyArmyWife00 0

Or murder her, rape her then rob her... If he is into necrophilia

does that possibly mean one of us is a murderer? :O

Nope!! none of us are murderers! Don't bring it up. *Looks other way awkwardly*

jerseyboy732 16

I think it was noor in the parlor with a candlestick

A bunch of times does not constitute likely. Trust me, the chances of the person meeting you is going kidnap you and dismember your body are extremely low compared to how many online dates occur that go ok.

Edit: double post

amberxxoo 6

101: you're probably one of them.

If it happens one out of a million times. And there are 6 billion people in the world. It would be highly likely for that to happen. Do the math.

58- what if someone says they're not going to cut you into little pieces. :O mind blown.

Indeed. Very likely. Rather than 6 billion people, there are only about 361 million Internet users. 1,000,000/361,000,000 = 0.00277 * 100 = 0.28% chance of meeting a murderer. Plus, it's likely that there's less than one in a million murderers. That being said, if you were to meet 400 people from the Internet, only about one would likely be a murderer. And, as I said, the number of murderers is probably less than that. The risk of meeting a murderer is very low. Sorry OP, FYL

jerseyboy732 16

how are there only 361 million Internet users if Facebook has atleast 500million individual people sign in at least once a month

Pardon. That was an outdated statistic. In any case, the percentage of meeting a murderer is very low.

158- there are people who make more than 1 Facebook account. I know that at my job, my coworkers make at least 2 because of confidentiality reasons in our job field. With that said, I'm sure that the stats has changed as well, if not in the 5 minutes it took me to type this.

MyChemicalSmosh 4

That kinda sucks. FYL!

You know, you could've just clicked the button instead of making a pointless comment.

That's very strange OP. sorry that happened to you though. But he seems like a jerk so it's good that you wouldn't have to deal with him all night.

nofearjenshere 12

You know, it doesn't fully suck. Only kinda, right?

notjustanybody20 9

i feel sorry for you op! the date would probably have been bad anyway since the guy sounds like a douche! cheer up! :)

M0NK3Yz 2

LOL ... your that ugly ???

xXxIracebethxXx 14

LOL ... You don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" ???

Almighty_Chris97 6


11- it's the e and apostrophe. Duh.

LOL ... YOU'RE that clueless ??? I mean really what made you think that was a comment worth posting? tsk tsk

Don't correct peoples grammar

93, I fail to see how you're in any place to correct grammar when you spell Halloween as "Hallowe'en" on your profile. Cute try, though.

128, Hallowe'en is actually more correct than Halloween, considering it itself is a shortening of Hallow's Evening. Cute try though.

128, I don't really want to fight for the wrong side but Hallowe'en is the correct spelling... Using an apostrophe in place of a purposefully excluded letter, in this case "v", is a very common way to use the the symbol.

Hey, at least it was just a random jerk from online and not someone serious. Pretty rude of him, though. I'd chalk it up to a win that he not only didn't steal anything while you were gone, but left so that you dont have to deal with him.

OP may have lied and shopped her picture, you'll never know. But it is still rude to ditch.

linkinpark98 23

This is why you don't arrange dates with strangers via the Internet. My mommy taught me well! :D

He's a loser who probably prematurely ejaculated from feeling the breeze. Let him go. Creamy pants isn't for you.

1. That was extremely rude of him to do that without telling you he was just not feeling up to the date after all. But you win, you can now find someone else who is not an asshole. 2. Maybe you didn't do this, but did you have an upto date picture of yourself and present the way you truly looked? I have had guy friends walk out of dates when the girl they asked out online turned out to be years older or stones heavier than they depicted online. They did not like to be lied to and would not have minded if the woman had been overweight, but disliked that the girl they were "advertized" turned out to be a lie.

"Hey you said you were fat and ugly in your profile!" "yeah, I lost a lot of weight after making my profile and forgot to change it." *guy leaves cause she's not as advertised*