By taydean - 26/5/2011 21:31 - United States
Today, my sister and I were eating at Wendy's. On the way out, I thought it would be funny to kick the door open and yell, "This is Sparta!" I lost my balance and fell flat on my butt. FML
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By  krazyvato  |  0

you deserved it for spelling smart wrung stupit lil Wayne was hurr shout out to my homies

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

Yeah but if op left that part out, the comments section would be filled with "Why'd you kick the door?" or similar questions. I see your point though.

Have you seen 300?

  AcidRaen  |  4

um no its not pointless. it gives us a laugh and a more interesting story, rather than "today when leaving wendy's i kicked the door and fell" yes thats funny but less interesting