By shit - 26/01/2014 18:20 - United States - South Holland

Today, my sister was taking forever in the bathroom, and I jokingly threatened to kick down the door. I rammed into it, and it actually bust almost off its hinges. My sister screamed and our parents came running. Now I'm grounded forever and our bathroom has no door. FML
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Your sister hasn't orgasms in three months! Give her some time, gees!

Really, what did you expect to happen? You don't exactly bounce off a door if you're ramming it.


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You're a dumb ass too... ;)

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Mah momma, she sez I is smarted

*with obvious sarcasm* That was the most perfect English I've ever heard!

#23, I can related. The grammer nazi dies a little bit every time someone can get the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.

Bad grammar (and spelling) makes me sic too

*facepalms himself* Whoa, sorry about that. Grammar Nazi was taking over there.

You’re a dickhead

Your sister hasn't orgasms in three months! Give her some time, gees!

haha. always great to reference another fml!

orgasmed* Foiled once again by auto correct!

They give you enough time to edit the comment.. ;) 2 minutes to be exact!

Haha, he was just trying to make sure she could actually do it. But guess that failed lol.

Have fun taking a sh**...

Hahahha that... That is good

Are you an idiot?!

*cough*yesheis*cough*. I need some cough drops.

No shit. of course he's an idiot.

Well when you gotta go, you gotta go...

There's always the kitchen sink if you really have to go that bad.

No there isn't #50

Would YOU use the kitchen sink?

@69 I personally don't want 50 to answer that.. *cringes*

Make sure your parents buy a more durable door next time.

Yeah, are all the doors in your house prop doors? Sounds like it was pretty easy to bust.

Unless OP is just really fat.

Really, what did you expect to happen? You don't exactly bounce off a door if you're ramming it.

Maybe OP did expect that. I do have to wonder though, if OP meant it jokingly, then why would you actually do it? Additionally, who talks to their siblings in the bathroom?! I dunno OP, maybe there's more things wrong with this scenario than just the weak door.

It's like feeling the locked handle or rapping the wood. You do that to show your impatience to the person inside, not to break the door. OP probably expected the door to be hardier. And it's perfectly normal to talk to people in the bathroom: "how much longer do you need?" and "Can you hurry up?".

That’s a shit door then.

Way to go genius. I hope they make you pay for a new door too.

If she is being grounded by her parents, do you really think she'd be old enough to afford the door?

Op is a guy. Seems Like he's way older if he's able to break a door down like that.

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition.

He said he was jokingly threatening it. Then actually rammed into the door, breaking it. That escalated pretty quick. But in any other case I was joking because I don't personally know the OP.

arandomusernameaa 20

Yeh that isn't bipolar disease... It's called being an idiot...

You need to practice on the "jokingly" part.

Why would you do that? Throwing your entire body weight into a door is not a good idea in no shape or form.

Unless you are a trying to break down the door of a burning building to save trapped puppies.

Could you please "jokingly" say you'll send me a million dollars, thanks!!!