By BroadcitySF - 28/02/2016 03:42 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was mugged while changing my tampon. The mugger took everything, including the fresh tampon. FML
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This is horrible to have happen to you but considering how vulnerable you were it could've been worse if it was a male mugger

If they're that valuable, I want to know if she listed it in the police report.

Why wouldn't she? Tampons aren't some dirty secret we must pretend we don't carry with us. Although realistically she'd probably just list her keys, wallet, phone etc, yknow identifiable things.

So you just answered yourself "why wouldn't she"

There are lady muggers out there, believe it or not.

I know, what I'm saying is you would have no idea where that thing has been.

Most women I know wouldn't be willing to use a presumably open tampon they took from someone in the bathroom while they were changing it.

I somehow think the likelihood of using a opened tampon is significantly increased in the subsection of women who will mug a woman for a tampon.

You did read the part where OP stated the one they took was unused, right?

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The world is full of crazy people

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Sometimes you jus gotta go with the flow

Well, if you did this magical thing called REREADING *sparkles fly out of nowhere* you may be able to figure it out. :D

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Damn 24 no need to be a dick it was legitimate question. Most people I know change their tampons in bathrooms (hey, I could be wrong -_-), and most bathrooms in public places are in restaurants, stores, etc. I picture a mugging, I'm picturing an alley, park, etc, not a locked bathroom in an establishment where other people are around. Was OP outdoors? Was it one of those gas stations where the bathroom is outside around the side of the building? Did the mugger break into OP's stall with a gun? Is it like that FML from a few months back where OP was changing their tampon in public (in that case, on a bus)? HOW is exactly what I wondered, too. Be nice to get more details from OP. And, OP, sorry you had to go through that :(

It sounds like op may have been in a bathroom stall, had a new tampon sitting on top of their purse maybe (as there's not many places to have it sit while you're changing the old one), and someone reached under and stole their purse, along with the tampon sitting on it. At least this seems like the most plausible way it happened. Although, if this is how it happened, than I don't think that would be considered a mugging. Isn't a mugging where someone is stealing your stuff while holding a weapon? Sounds more like someone just robbed her/stole her purse.

Apologies to you, #7. I didn't intend to come across as mean, just sarcastic. :)

Is anyone else wondering the gender of said mugger?

Probably female.. I'm assuming she was changing her tampon in a public bathroom, and most of them are not gender neutral. ?

I assumed it was a woman who thought she could use a tampon soon.

#8 said they were wondering about the gender of the mugger. They didn't say all muggers are men. Read the comment before you reply #58

Hopefully you get your things back somehow, hope it wasn't too much of a bloody mess either.

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Leaving you bloody, but luckily not beaten.