By NaniNarcotic - 16/08/2011 10:17 - Australia

Today, I thought it'd be funny to knee my sister's ass as she was bending over. What I didn't realise was that she was trying to pick up a spider. In shock, she threw it in the air and it landed on my chest. I ran into a wall trying to get it off. FML
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What what in the butt?

Ballplayer3313 3



haha that's hilarious..

that's pure karma right there

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Karma's a bitch and pretty funny when it happens to others. Shit, I have to watch my back now...

smart way to get it off

flockz 19

"knee my sister's ass"? so thats what kids are calling it these days...

eminemchick 19

its not a good idea to kick your sisters ass while shes bent over in the first place

Surprise knee-buttsecks?

anything that starts with 'I think it would be funny to..' is a complete YDI.

xoconnie 8

thats what u get for being a total turd bomb jerk.

It's depressing that this wasn't recorded lol.

What's depressing is your picture

Well, OP isn't very intelligent if she (or he, hopefully she) thought the best solution to getting the spider off them was to run into a wall Just my obnoxious opinion

you deserve it for nailing you sister on the ass 0____o

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shadexilmaendu 4

Can you say instant karma? Haha, that sucks, but turnabouts fair play. ;D

Ballplayer3313 3


Karma, gets you every time

CatEyes66 0

It's called a "Rhino F*ck" and they hurt like hell.

IndiRae 9

Who picks up a spider? Just the thought makes me feel like they're crawling all over my body.

ElGranOrgo 0

Did the spider motorboat your chest?

Takador 3

Well isn't someone retarded...

What what in the butt?

Her brothers knee.

JacksonCampbell 9

^ Doesn't understand the reference.

Let's do it in the butt in the butt

That made me laugh hardcore! LMAO!

Sorry bro, you deserved that one.

Yeah, way to show 'em!

brettrb 18

I love my sis... we get along great. Did she deserve that knee? Alright i cn see if she like borrowed your cash w/out askin, or if she kicked you in the balls er somthing, but otherwise this just isnt nice. Love your sister

Why would you want to knee your sister up the ass?

cheer4ever96 8

That's what you get for kneeing your sister in the bum.

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ArmedcrackerR6 8

You deserved it. That was a bitch move.

KiddNYC1O 20

Hard dick move.

ashleykay94 7

Thats what you get for being mean. Ydi

ugottaluvme 0

Yay hes a big meanie huh.