By Krystyn Gareau - 09/09/2011 04:10 - Canada

Today, I went to Walmart with my Dad, and he decided to kick me in the butt while I was walking. When I went to kick him back, I hit my own leg out from beneath myself and landed on my face. The most embarrassing thing was that the people who saw all started clapping. FML
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Thats what you get for messing with the guy who created you as a result of his ******.

All the best stories start with "I went to Wal-Mart".


YourEvilHero 12

it's okay you're at walmart. those people clapping should be embarrassed enough for shopping there.... come at me bro!

tmmundy 17

why should they be embarrassed for shopping there? that has to be most stupid comment I have read, lately. you are an idiot.

#25 wal-mart offer's stuff at low prices, perfect for people who are strggling in this economy. Sorry they can't shop at your precious high end rich store. Stupid.

enonymous 8

25- bitches be rollin' back that mutha ******* prices everyday. Plus they provide mini golf carts while you'z shopping so you aintz gotta walk dawg.

25, stfu and be grateful? When I went to America, Walmart was one of our favourite shops. It has a variety of everything at cheap prices, and some of the brands in their aren't crappy brands either. I can bet you now, if stores like this open up in Australia, they would be so damn popular. I can actually give you evidence of this. A Costco opened up where I live and it's probably the busiest place out atm.

I hate walmart and Sams club >.> shop at Costco! My mom wrks there lol

25, you should be embarrassed with your wrestling belt and custom glasses from paint?... Jackass

YourEvilHero 12

I told them to come at me... and they did. lol

idiot walmart is awesome. where in the he'll do u shop dollar tree?

Hannahrayne 0

Happened to me too! I wish I was joking..

orangeduck 6

Did they then ask for an encore?

Thats what you get for messing with the guy who created you as a result of his ******.

Reading this while looking at the "me gusta" picture lmao

rexgar2000 10

it's probably in the wallmart pictures website now.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Shoulda stood up and speared your dad into some shelves.

that! wouldn't showed the people for clapping ;/..

Hello? Karma? Wake the **** up and do your job!

I did you moron the father started it so karma should bitch the father instead of the son dumbass

and thats when you call the police and say he molested you...

tmmundy 17

wow....if that's how 15 year olds think these days, we, as in the world, are in BIG trouble. sad, sad. you really need to get a life dude.

well if most 15 year olds watch south park then yeah..... cmon lighten up, it was a joke

je_suis_fml 11

9 is why I continue to take birth control...

tmmundy 17

#33...I found nothing remotely funny about that comment and I'm sure no one else did either. Maybe you shouldn't watch so much trash tv and do something productive besides taking horrible profile pictures. You have a lot of growing up to do. you are just 15 though.

...thetas one of My favorite episodes of SP and this still was not funny ....grow up you look 12

cicpjaky 6

You made all of those peoples day. Be happy you dud that