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Today, I went to a restaurant and sat at the last available table, which had a seat available across from me. A cute girl approached and asked if she could sit down, so I said "Sure" and made some room. She then asked "You're leaving, right?" FML
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I told her I'd be done in 10 minutes which I was prepared to leave at that time, to which she replied, "Could you make it 5, I'm really hungry." So 10 minutes turned into 50. I must've lost track of time >_>

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response: normally I like to eat at a restaurant before i leave. How about you?

madalynn 11

aw. maybe she just didn't want to seem like a creep so that's why she asked. but anyway, fyl just for how it must've made you feel.


madalynn 11

aw. maybe she just didn't want to seem like a creep so that's why she asked. but anyway, fyl just for how it must've made you feel.

hopefully but I'm pretty sure it was more of her asking if she could have the table since it was the last one

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Holy shit that's really very funny man! I'm sorry though, that's gotta hurt something fierce for you...q

you should have just said "no" and made her go through the awkward silence afterwards.

don't worry OP she sounds like a bitch.

PurpleRae420 0

What a bitch I would've told her to get her fat ass up and leave and threw my drink in her face!

Throw your drink at her face? You have probelms if you believe that becoming physical is an appropriate action to someone who has done nothing of that nature to you. Are you mad, or just incredibly foolish?

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why are pretty girls all b*itches FML?

57 you hold the record for most comments thumbed down on FML

73 - Not to be a total ass or anything but I've seen -57 votes before.

80/81 I believe that 73 meant the most amount of their comments thumbed down. Not the actual amount of votes/downed thumbs.

57 nobody like you. all your posts sucks

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I think it's personally reasonable to throw a drink in her face and tell her to get lost. she probably deserves it. f that bitch

ah sorry op. that's really embarrassing. hopefully and with any luck, you'll never see her again though!

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may be she thought you were leaving or you know how girls can be to get things they want...

OP didn't say the cute girl shot him a beaver.

Oh man that sounds terrible. FYL I don't think she was trying to make you feel bad though.

That was pretty funny, I'll give you that. :) But what's up with your picture? Must be pretty easy to make fun of someone's looks when they can't see you, huh? :)

something tells me she doesn't like u, no offense

response: normally I like to eat at a restaurant before i leave. How about you?

Ok, cmon... No one eats at restaurants anymore, right?

Leason learned, dont fall into stuck up bitches traps

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I don't mean to be a douche, but, it's lesson.

Yeah, because asking if you can sit in the only available seat in a restaurant is so stuck up. Man the nerve of that girl. >:/

Arsonnist 3

Maybe not, but she definitely asked the wrong question. Something more along the lines of "Are you leaving?" might have made the situation less awkward.

Arsonnist 3

I meant beforehand, by the way. Not to rephrase the last question in the FML.

I believe you ment this sarcastically. but I am serious when I say that bitch did have a lot of nerve and she is a stuck up c***. obviously she expected op to just give up the table, which he arrived to first, as if she was more deserving of it then him. he was there first and has every right that she does to be a patron of that business. it was ignorant of her to even ask such a thing. I hope the c*** got e coli from her meal.

btw comment ment to reply to 18's sarcasm and agreeing with the original comment that these comments apply to.

#17 thank you it was a typo not a grammar problem seeing as a and s are right next to eachother..... #65 thank you for understanding that you must be a stuck up bitch if you think you deserve a table more than the person sitting in the table first.... How the hell wasnt she a stuck up bitch #18!?

She could have really thought he was leaving, and did not know she was being very rude. People do make mistakes from time to time is all I'm saying.

yeah but i still find that rude, like she could have asked before she sat down, he was nice enough to say yea. he could have said **** NO BITCH THIS IS MY TABLE?!?!?!

Osito2011 9

she is a stuck up bitch for even asking to sit down. she should of waited for someone to leave to get a seat like the rest of use not just sit at some random guys table then ask them to leave. so f@&$ her she is a stupid c$&& bitch

Thank you #104 i guess ppl dont think like we do

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well then she's not so cute after all...

so did you take the hint and scoot?